Alphi Genesis Collection Minting Soon

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The ultimate NFT project for those who live and breathe the crypto world. Discover the digital representations of your Saved Soul and be a part of a community that truly understands the highs and lows of the Web3 journey.
Discover the Swamp
Get ready for the most exciting part of the Saved Souls adventure - the Discovery of the Swamp! But before we delve into this mysterious land, let's take a moment to recall our journey so far.

Exploring the Sea
Our brave explorers went through a perilous journey to reach a far-off land. Luckily, the first 999 Saved Souls who helped piece together the map were rewarded with the coveted Explorer Award and the special thanks of Poseidon himself!

The Kraken’s Fury
During their sea voyage, the explorers came across a shipwreck containing intriguing artifacts, including the ancient weapons known as The Kraken's Fury. These powerful tools proved useful as the explorers encountered the strange and enigmatic Swamp Souls on their way to their destination.

Artifacts are meant to have limited-time utility but holders are free to keep them as rare collectibles.

Swamp Souls
No one knows where the Swamp Souls came from or why they were there, but the Saved Souls were able to use The Kraken's Fury to capture them. Now, we must work together to unravel the secrets of the Swamp Souls and uncover any other hidden treasures that may be lurking in this maze-like land.

Revealing Swamp Souls!

To understand the mysteries of the Swamp Souls we must work together again to reveal their true form, and in the process discover what other secret might lie in the Swamp.

Each Saved Souls holder will be able to explore up to 2 sections of the Swamp a day to try to discover information that leads to revealing a Swamp Soul, however this is not a task that can easily be done by a single sailor, the whole community must work together.

The Swamp is vast and complex, is like a living breathing maze, and even the most skilled sailors will end up going in circles and end up exploring the same places where fellow Souls have already been. It is more important than ever to work together and figure out the best way to avoid exploring the same areas over and over again.

To help with this task the Captain has divided the Swamp into grids with coordinates that should help make this task a bit less daunting, however careful planning is still needed.

The Swamp is full of secrets and riddles waiting to be solved, and some say there are more than any sailor could ever count, will you be the one to find them?

One more thing…
Some Saved Souls are equipped with special equipment to let them see even through the thickest fog, this might prove useful in this adventure 🕶

Introducing the Captain's Incentive
We're excited to introduce the Captain's Incentive, a customer-centric initiative aimed at recognizing and appreciating our dedicated community of captains who have contributed immensely to our brand's growth and development. As we progress, we want to ensure our captains continue to reap the benefits of our expansion in the market.

How to qualify?
Anyone who has received the "Captain's Award" will be eligible. To earn this, you must have your Saved Souls delisted for at least 30 consecutive days.

What does this mean for you as a Captain?
As a captain, you'll be eligible to 33% rewards from Saved Souls and 50% rewards from Swamp Souls, along with access to exclusive offers and giveaways designed specifically for captains. This is our way of expressing gratitude for your unwavering commitment and effort.

Here's how it works:
Once your Saved Souls have been delisted for 30 consecutive days, you'll attain Captain status and become eligible for rewards. The initial rewards disbursement will occur on June 6th, with subsequent payouts every rolling calendar month. For instance, if you achieve captain status by July 1st, you'll qualify for June's rewards disbursement.

We will handle this process automatically, meaning you won't have to worry about gas payments or claiming rewards in any other manner.

How will the rewards be divided?
We want to try to be fair with as many people as possible so we've decided to distribute rewards as follows:

Blue Whale Award - 20%
Finback Award - 35%
Humpback Award - 25%
Narwhal Award and below - 20%

While the percentages differ, they are based on the number of individuals in each group. The higher the award, the greater the rewards, as fewer people will be sharing them.

For example if we had 20E as rewards and the following Captain counts:

Blue Whale Award - 11
Finback Award - 42
Humpback Award - 150
Narwhal Award and below - 800
Then each one in each category would get:
Blue Whale Award - 0.36E
Finback Award - 0.16E
Humpback Award - 0.032E
Narwhal Award and below - 0.0025E

As our project flourishes in the secondary market, we'll have even more opportunities to reward our loyal Captains. Let's continue collaborating to build a brand that we can all be proud of in the future!


In order to ensure the Captain's Incentive is sustainable and provides fair rewards for everyone, we have established the following terms and conditions:

  • Rewards for the incentive will be taken from the royalties made since the launch date of Swamp Soul, which is April 27th, 2023.
  • The total amount of funds available for disbursement will be calculated after deducting any associated costs or expenses incurred during the relevant month. These may include giveaways, airdrops, gas costs, and other expenses.
  • To prevent double dipping, you will only be eligible for the highest award that you have received. For example, if you have received a Humpback Award, you will not be eligible for royalties from Narwhals.
  • If the total amount of rewards to be disbursed is less than the required gas fees, we will be unable to send the rewards. In such cases, the unpaid rewards will be carried over to the next month until there is sufficient amount to be disbursed.
  • We cannot guarantee the availability of enough rewards for disbursement in any given month.
  • While we have no current plans to make changes to these rules, we reserve the right to modify them at any time. We will provide ample notice of any such changes in advance.
Ahoy, fellow Saved Souls!

We're thrilled to have you aboard for this exciting journey as we set sail to save the souls of Web3. Whether you're here for the mint or just tagging along for the adventure, we're glad to have you on board.

Our mint structure is designed to be easy and accessible to everyone. With no whitelist grind, our minting process is completely public. As a thank you to our collab partners and active Twitter followers, the team will be airdropping rewards to those who have been engaging with us.

Here's everything you need to know about our mint structure

Collection size: 9,999
Price: 1 Free Saved Soul per wallet, and then .009e thereafter
Date and Time: 4/5/23 @ 10PM UTC

After the public sellout, airdrop winners will receive their rewards within the next hour or two. From there, we'll start our unique reveal process.

If you're wondering what to do next, don't worry. We've got you covered. As a Saved Soul holder, you'll have your own unique profile page with your wallet containing all the Souls that need to be saved. To reveal your NFTs, you'll need the help of the community.

Here's how to get started

  1. Go to and connect your wallet.
  2. Find your NFTs that need to be saved/revealed.
  3. Share your profile page with the world and get other Saved Souls holders to reveal your souls.
  4. You and other holders will be able to reveal up to 3 Saved Souls. You can use all your reveals for the same holders or spread them out across multiple ones.
  5. Please note that you cannot reveal your own Saved Souls.

We've also added a fun gamification element to the reveal process. As a Saved Souls holder, you'll have the chance to earn achievements and show them off on your profile page. Achievements could be related to the number of Saved Souls, reveal activity, and more. We won't spoil the details, but keep an eye out for surprises!

Finally, we're excited to announce our Officer and Captain Awards. These are our most prestigious achievements only awarded to holders that keep their saved Souls delisted for an undisclosed amount of time. Officer Award recipients may be in for a special surprise very soon after the mint. Keep your eyes peeled!

Profile Pages

Profile pages Every owner of a soul owns his own profile page, showcasing the souls owned & the achievements they've earned. You can find your very own profile page here : (You have to replace 'YOUR_WALLET_ADRESS' with your own actual wallet address) 
Reveal process

Souls needed saving, before anything could happen. But one cannot save his own soul. The community had to come together to help them save their souls. For that, one had to go on other people's profile page, & save souls. People could save [3-6] souls per day which lasted for 3 days before all souls were saved giving you life guard achievements.
Achievements and Roles

Narwal Award - 5 Saved Souls 
Humpback Award and access to Whale chat - 15 Saved Souls 
Finback Award - 40 Saved Souls 
Blue Whale Award - 100 Saved Souls 
Raider Achievement - Participate in community led raids. 
Peacemaker Achievement - Being a great community member in discord 
TinFoil Hat Achievement - Contributing to Easter eggs 
⁠Swab the deck - Sweep the floor every now and then / accumulate

Officer & Captain roles
Officer & Captain roles are achievements that need a certain number of unlisting days of your souls. PLEASE NOTE that a wallet has to have not a single soul listed for the count to begin.

Officer : 5 days without any souls listed
Captain : 30 days without any souls listed
Phase 2