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The first anime inspired project in the space, it envisions a cross-platform experience powered by NFT ownership, that is built to create a social network of artists, creators, developers, and fans without boundaries.

At its heart is the Ethereal Enclave, home to the 7,777 0N1, who must restore balance after a cataclysmic event known as The Shift. They are fighting for their existence.

0N1 Force stands out in the Web3 space due to its timeless art, rich lore, and an incredibly strong community, as well as for its long-term vision which brought them to collaborate closely with Horizen Labs Ventures.

Story and Lore

The birth of the Enclave began with the One Source: a fountain of infinite potential. First to emerge was the Emperor’s Eye, which birthed seven beings which would be known as the Genesis Y0KA-1. Contained within their mechanical shells and under the guidance of the Emperor, the seven Y0KA-1 began to freely harvest Essence from the One Source. They used this Essence to mold and shape and bring into existence technologies and architecture that formed the Ethereal Enclave–an endless megacity that presently home to millions of other lifeforms.

Each time the seven Genesis Y0KA-1 wielded the essence of the One Source, their mastery over it grew. As their mastery and knowledge over the One Source deepened, their bodies underwent significant changes. The seven had reached ascension.

From lowly Y0KA-1 they had transformed into powerful BAKEM0-N0, then to golden eyed 0N1, and eventually they reached their current and final state–the all-powerful KAM-1:

The seven KAM-1.

The Emperor, pleased with his first subjects, rewarded each with a specific domain within the Ethereal Enclave for them to rule over and the city continued to grow.

In the beginning the Enclave was empty–a massive landscape of impressive architectures but completely void of life. The KAM-1 went back to the One Source. Using their complete mastery over it, they harvested even more essence and created and molded Y0KA-1 to populate the city.

The KAM-1 guided them and taught them the secrets of the One Source. Many embraced their teachings and became legendary architects that spurred the golden age of the Ethereal Enclave. These individuals also eventually reached various stages of ascension. As centuries passed, the Enclave would be filled with Y0KA-1, BAKEM0-N0, and 0N1. All worked tirelessly building and upgrading the technology within this grand city.

During all of this time, the Emperor, now housed in the center of the Ethereal Enclave, began to shed his essence. He proceeded to create three other beings: omnipotent M0R1A, which acted as the voice within, D34TH who held the key to unlock the One Source, and M33Kasa who was tasked to be the guardian of the city.

Once the city had reached homeostasis and eternal life could be sustained, the residents of the Enclave began to shed their protective suits. These Nano Suits were then stored in a vault beneath the city.

The city itself never ceased to stop growing. The walls that surrounded it continuously moved outward as it expanded far beyond the naked eye. Great pyramids, spired pagoda, and technologically advanced skyscrapers dotted the skyline of the city. Bustling districts were interconnected with sprawling highways, managed by invisible force fields called Nano Zones, which created microclimates, regulated disease and pollution, and formed protective barriers around the city to shield those that dwell within.

Eons passed and the citizens of the Ethereal Enclave lived under the protection of the Emperor and the advanced technology that helped run the city. With the passing time, the 0N1 began to forget. They gave little thought to what was happening around them. They even forgot the Emperor existed. Complacency and existing became synonymous.

Then, without warning, the Emperor died. No one knew what happened. With his death, the technology that once sustained their lives began to malfunction. A Shift occurred within the One Source, affecting everyone and everything within the great metropolis. Everything that had been formed since the dawn of the One Source began to crumble.

‍The Nano Zones started to malfunction, horribly killing all of those who came into contact with them. Panic stricken, the people begin to migrate from their homes to districts away from the dangerous Nano particulates. Neighborhoods quickly grew dark as new dangers rose one after the other.

Days passed and new forms of authority began to surface from the ensuing chaos. Clans formed to claim their districts. The once joyous sounds were now deafened by the roar of roaming squads, and the peace was ended. Now, with each passing second, the world that once sustained them grew increasingly more dangerous.

The 0N1 begin to gather inside the Demon’s Kiss, their old haunt where the lost and remaining gathered for a stiff drink. It was their last reprieve from the Ethereal Enclave’s lonely nights. The 0N1 gathered, all 7,770 of them, inside the ageless bar. They spent the evening sharing tales of loss and celebrated life in the company of each other. Throughout the night the music played brought forth by the 0N1 KA1 on stage. While the 0N1 danced they felt The Shift quite differently…

As they gathered their Spirit grew. They felt a renewed Strength. And together they embodied Style. Each one began to hear the calming voice of M0R1A, calling them to action.

In that moment of solace, the 0N1 would begin to move as One. The voice led them to a room long forgotten beneath the Demon’s Kiss. Within the room, as the words continued to echo in their minds, they stood before their matching frames.

“You, member of the 0N1 Force, suit up and engage to protect yourself.”

M0R1A’s voice woke them up from their complacency. Something about these mechanical suits seemed familiar; it felt like a fleeting memory. They began to suit up in preparation to the chaos that had exploded across the Enclave.


The 0N1 Force collection is a vast universe, with the original 7,777 0N1 being the key to the 0N1VERSE. These are divided into three clans: Ghost Spirit (5278), Monster Form (2100), and The Demon (392).

0n1 Force

The 0N1 FRAMES, a direct extension of the original 0N1 Force NFT, represent the next evolution in this collection and are custom-tailored for each 0N1. They are bound both in DNA and ownership to the original 0N1, expanding the universe and the potential of the Ethereal Enclave.
0N1 Frames.


0n1 Force Core Team

Franchise Model

0N1 force pushes a franchise-model that provides personalized support and resources to help holders develop their businesses. They hold a strict application process to ensure that they can offer tailored support to each individual franchise.

No longer are they considered JPEGs with a promise. When you own an 0N1 force pfp, you are eligible to then receive benefits through their guidance and resources.

Starting and growing a business can be challenging, which is why they provide a wide range of support in the form of assets, marketing, network, distribution, and funding. The goal is to help franchise holders succeed by providing the tools and resources they need to thrive.

RON1N Ambassador Program

This is where holders have the opportunity to officially represent the brand and build powerful connections with other businesses, organizations, and individuals. Ambassadors will play a vital role in bringing new opportunities, partnerships, and deals to our network, while receiving exclusive benefits and rewards.

R0N1N ambassadors receive an exclusive PFP that showcases their status as a valued member of the team. In addition, they may be eligible for referral bonuses, commissions, and other exciting incentives.

Artists Program

These are designed to bring together the most talented individuals in the industry to work on 0N1 FORCE and partner projects. With a commitment to excellence, they aim to foster an environment of collaboration and creativity, where the best of the best can come together to produce exceptional work.

0N1 FORCE is widely considered one of the greatest Art PFPs and naturally attracts top talent to the community space. This will help leverage their brand equity to extend them more opportunities to grow and thrive in Web3.

0N1 World

An international club network to unite all Web3 creators, founders, operators, and brands. Think of it as a SOHO house without the house. A truly decentralized network of innovators that is guided and supported by 0N1 FORCE.

The goal is to empower members from the community to launch their own events in the local areas they live and work in. This creates the opportunity for all members to have a “home” wherever they are traveling to. Expand your network, share resources, and business connections around the world.


The Conclave is a community council that brings together the best and brightest to provide insights, resources, and guidance to 0N1 FORCE. The community council is made of up of members from both Web2 and Web3 who are best-in-class at what they do. 

Whether you are an artist, creator, operator, founder, or more you can apply to the Conclave and join the future of not only 0N1 FORCE, but the most powerful network of movers in Web3 itself.

Project History

0N1 Force was launched on August 18th and quickly sold out. 

Since then, the community has grown and the brand has continued to develop its unique IP.


Specific Terminology

0N1VERSE: The universe in which the 0N1 Force exists.
The Shift: The cataclysmic event that threw the Ethereal Enclave into chaos.
Nano Suits: Protective suits that the 0N1 must reclaim to restore balance.
0N1 FRAMES: The next evolution in the 0N1 Force collection, custom-tailored for each 0N1.