Our purpose is to make the digital collectible space accessible.

Alphi is the first community-powered NFT database built to bring accessibility and transparency to the world of digital collectibles, enabling everyone to make well-informed decisions about the projects they get involved with.

Alphi is a place to do your own research. It is a free database for anyone to get the info they need to make educated NFT purchasing decisions.

We built Alphi with the collector in mind, not so much the flipper/trader. If you are looking to flip, it is recommended to look somewhere else for more appropriate information that will suite your needs.

Alphi has nearly 2000 projects with content on the site and there is plenty of room for more projects to come and get exposure on this growing platform.
Alphi: The Story (Code Phrases)
The thread below contains code phrases that you can enter into the Archivist so she can read to you.

While Alphi has not publicly shared a product roadmap, they’ve hinted at future plans through lore.

There is a lot going on inside Alphi with a large amount of lore that will start being released soon. 

At Alphi, we interview founders every week. 

In addition to interviews, Alphi is creating an animation studio, a leadership academy, our own NFT project, and more.

A current priority for Alphi is re-designing the front page of Alphi.xyz. Users can expect a simpler UI on the front page. Think simple simple simple. 

*Alphi's Genesis NFT will be dropping on June 29th (just over a month from time of writing). This will give holder the ability to use earn extra & use their experience points (EXP). If you stake your Genesis Alphi NFT within the first week, you will accumulate enough EXP to receive all the drops from season 1. EXP is a sort of 'currency' in Alphi and there will be many future use cases.

Another priority for Alphi is the data dashboard. All the top journalists will have access to the same information and will be able to use it as they please.

Finally, for now anyways, the Genesis Alphi NFT mint will trigger storytelling. We will be using intelligence tools for the storytelling. Syn from Quirkies has agreed to allow Alphi to build a Discord bot for the Quirkies project. This Discord bot will allow people to ask a question about Quirkies within the Alphi discord. This will host a ChatGPT integration. If someone asks a question but the info is not available, it will tell the user it does not know the answer and then proceed to send the question into the Q&A section of the Discord server so that a community member can answer.
Q: Who is the artist for the Alphi Genesis NFT?
A: Andy Maier is the digital artist. Andy edited his first project for Jesse at the age of 13. Jesse hired Andy at the age of 18. Andy is a 'Big Brain'!
The Alphi Genesis NFT collection will be a very small collection with 1600 NFT at most.
The top 100 EXP holders will receive a whitelist spot. Top 50 will receive a free mint. 1st place receives 6 free mints. 

Q: Are there traits?
A: Yes but the focus is on 3 main characters. These characters are represented in different ways.
For example, there are different hands, different orbs (one hand has a floating orb), etc.
Lots of things go into the rarity. This is not a typical PFP project. It will make sense in the near future!

Q: If we want to get updates, where/when should we go?
 A: Twitter is the hub for everything Alphi. Also, alphi.xyz is the main home page which is also priority. One cool feature coming soon to Alphi is 'Live Chat'!

Q: Can you tell us a little bit more about the lore and characters, specifically the orbs?
 A: Tarva stones. The story takes place in post human world. Humans are gone. Only robots remain. The robots are on a mission to rebuild society.