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Meet ALPHi Assist.

Your 24/7 Ai Community Assistant.

ALPHi Assist is a 24/7 Ai tool that seamlessly handles community queries across platforms like Twitter and Discord, ensuring consistent engagement and allowing teams to focus on higher-value interactions.
In today's digital era, community engagement is pivotal. Whether you're an NFT project, a tech startup, or a burgeoning online group, maintaining active communication is the lifeblood of growth and reputation. Enter the ALPHi Community Assistant Bot, a tool poised to redefine how communities interact.


Communities span time zones. Questions arise around the clock. With ALPHi, they're met with prompt answers no matter the hour. Your community remains vibrant and active, day or night.


Patience may be a virtue, but in the age of immediacy, it's a rare commodity. ALPHi ensures your community members don't linger in uncertainty, fostering a sense of trust and appreciation.


By pooling information from official tweets, Discord posts, and other resources, ALPHi is equipped with the latest insights. This makes every response not just swift but informed.


Not every question can be addressed with existing information. When ALPHi faces such a query, it intelligently escalates it, ensuring your team can provide an official response when able. This balance between automation and human touch is invaluable.


With ALPHi handling the basics, your team is free to invest time in what truly matters: building deeper community ties. From hosting games to insightful discussions, teams can focus on creating memorable experiences.

Getting started with ALPHi is a breeze. With clear instructions and minimal requirements, communities can integrate this powerful tool effortlessly.
ALPHi Assist is more than just a tool; it's a community catalyst. By bridging gaps, ensuring communication, and providing a seamless blend of automation and personal touch, ALPHi is the future of community engagement.

$399 Per Month 
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ALPHi isn't just about the present. It's continuously evolving. Features on the horizon, like trend report generation and periodic self-introductions, promise to make it an even more invaluable asset.

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