Alphi is more than just a community-led database, it is a storytelling platform that exists to build the Library Of All Knowledge—an open and free library of the metaverse.

Our mission is grand and crucial to the metaverse. We are tasked with locating Tarvaa gems, enigmatic objects bestowing wisdom and power to their bearers. These gems, remnants of the Earth, are the key to avoiding the mistakes that led to human extinction.

ONLY 291 Alphi Genesis Collection  Tarvaa gems WERE EVER MINTED — Mythical tools that unlock wisdom and benefits to its holder. The fate of the Metaverse is in our hands.

Genesis Rewards
Owning a Tarvaa gem from the Alphi Genesis Collection affords you a wealth of exclusive benefits, including:
  • Daily Phi: By archiving your Tarvaa Gem, you're capable of generating a stream of daily Phi. This continuous flow allows you to unlock all drops throughout Season One, giving you access to exclusive content and privileges.
  • Early Access: As a Tarvaa gem holder, you will be granted first priority for all Alphi events, merchandise, collaborations, and allow lists for upcoming partnership projects. This privileged access ensures you never miss out on what Alphi has to offer.
  • Exclusive Insights: Holders will be privy to exclusive data and insights generated from the Alphi ecosystem. This unique perspective gives you a valuable edge, offering a clearer understanding of our metaverse.
  • Immortality: Your status as a gem holder guarantees your immortality within the Alphi universe. Your name will be forever inscribed in the Library of All Knowledge that we're building in The Otherside metaverse.
  • Evolution: Each gem is more than a static asset - it's a living, evolving entity. Over time, your gem will grow and evolve, eventually taking on its final form.
Genesis Collection: Tarvaa Gems
Tarva Crate

Our Genesis Collection comprises crates holding unique Tarvaa gems. Each gem is a token of wisdom, a key to understanding the past and shaping the future. 

These gems represent our commitment to rebuilding society without repeating the mistakes of our predecessors. By staking your Tarvaa gem, you can generate daily XP to unlock all drops throughout season one.

Genesis Rewards: Allow List
In addition to the above rewards, the Genesis Rewards program also includes exclusive advantages for top XP holders:

Free Mint: The top 25 XP holders will receive a free mint, acknowledging their dedication and commitment to the Alphi Genesis mission.

Guaranteed Allow List Spot: The top 250 XP holders will secure a guaranteed spot on the allow list. This privilege offers the promise of preferential access to our forthcoming projects and collaborations.

By taking the Alphi pledge, you can unlock an additional mint allotment when you pledge to give one away. It's our way of promoting a community of generosity and shared success within the Alphi universe.

Contacts & Links
We are a team of ambitious builders. With a collective experience spanning over 15 years, we have helped construct world-class brands and products. We believe in the power of collaboration and growth. 

We invite you to reach out, learn more about us, our mission, and our community. Let's grow and win together in this Metaverse.
291 Alphi Taarva Gems were minted with ONLY 5 Traits
  1. Character
  •    Brawn
  •    Alphi
  •    Archivist
2. Ecto
3. Astrology
4. Metallurgy
5. Element