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Adam Bomb Squad is an NFT project by The Hundreds, consisting of 25,000 unique combinations of bombs and accompanying backgrounds from our two decades of history. Ownership grants you membership cards that come with perks directly from Adam Bomb Squad and the community.

Who is Badam?

Throughout The Hundreds history, Adam Bomb has been the brand’s mascot and beloved hero. A cartoon bomb with a sparkling wick, Adam’s wide-eyed expression and frenetic energy encapsulate The Hundreds, a brand that is urgent and toeing the line of “blowing up.” He’s also friendly, likeable, and suited for all ages. There are undertones of Nintendo video games and classic skateboard T-shirt graphics in Adam’s aesthetic, although his style is most influenced by Looney Tunes and vintage Saturday morning cartoons. Meanwhile, Adam Bomb’s red, black, white and yellow color scheme was inspired by Mickey Mouse. And our community-based NFT collection, Adam Bomb Squad, was a direct nod to Mickey Mouse Club. In that sense, Adam is the center of The Hundreds’ universe and unofficially that of its surrounding subcultures: streetwear, food, crypto, and beyond.

Adam Bomb contains multitudes. Whether it’s Adam Bomb imagined as a pineapple or a paint smear, a “pure” colorway or as a skull, the Adam Bomb Squad project offers something for everyone. Everybody finds an Adam Bomb that they can relate to. There are even Adam Bombs interpreted by world class artists who render him in their form. Adam Bomb is a friend to all and speaks to both our individual and collective identities.

But Adam Bomb isn’t alone. There’s a universe of characters under The Hundreds’ roof. In fact, the very first cartoon mascot wasn’t a bomb at all. It was Breadman, a short-lived slice of bread that was set out to disrupt the waistlines of LA’s carb-conscious crowd. Over time, The Hundreds has also produced characters like Bearsy, Bob Bee, and the Family Style Friends. There are also bombs like Dom Bomb and Sadam Bomb. Two of the most notable The Hundreds cartoons are Badam Bomb and Madam Bomb, who were introduced early in Adam’s story. Badam was introduced as Adam’s antagonist and Madam as Adam’s love interest and companion.

Our Story


The Hundreds is a global, community-based streetwear brand with an emphasis on People Over Product.

Founded in 2003, Bobby Kim (Bobby Hundreds) and Ben Shenassafar (Ben Hundreds) formulated the project out of a studio apartment and the cash in their pocket. Eighteen years later, The Hundreds is regarded as a streetwear pillar, our flagship store anchoring the Fairfax District, and having collaborated with the likes of adidas, Disney, Stanley Kubrick, Nipsey Hussle, Puma, Jackson Pollock, Pepsi, Back to the Future, Larva Labs, and Bored Ape Yacht Club.


Bobby stayed up late illustrating an anticipative bomb, inspired by Saturday Morning cartoons and vintage advertising mascots. The black, red, white, and yellow color combination was stolen from Mickey Mouse. His silent nature was derived from Garfield. And, the notion of him being our imaginary sidekick pointed back to Calvin and Hobbes. Metaphorically, the bomb never totally explodes, but is always on the verge, riding the line.


In the early hours of the morning, Bobby blogged the character and asked The Hundreds’ followers to name him. Of the thousands of entries, two different people suggested Adam Bomb. Bobby loved the idea of giving an anthropomorphic sidekick a human name, like Brian Griffin, the dog from Family Guy.


Initially, Adam Bomb had a tough time getting off the ground. His first cameo was on the back of a Freshjive collaboration T-shirt in 2006. He was then incorporated onto a crewneck sweatshirt. But, it wasn’t until he was re-introduced as a basketball (Bridge Burners Adam), that he gained traction in the marketplace.


Along the way, Bobby illustrated two more bombs to round out Adam’s world: Madam Bomb and Badam Bomb. Madam was the face of a short-lived women’s component for The Hundreds called Tens. Badam popped up as the dark antagonist. Together, the three comprise the Adam Bomb Squad


Today, Adam Bomb has become one of the most recognizable and well-loved mascots in fashion, proudly carried as a streetwear badge, as a status symbol, or to notify the world that you’re part of a movement. As the physical world continues to cross over to the metaverse, however, we see the next iteration of Adam Bomb Squad representation as NFTs.

Digital Wearables

Fashion isn't just about trendy clothes, it's about identity and expression.

The Hundreds has been around for 19 years, not becasue of trends, but rather because the community continues to use the brand to communicate socially with other fans and community members. On the other side of the screen, fashion will be more about identity, tribalism, status, and self- expression than ever begore with newfound design freedom.

Fashion doesn't have to be a t-shirt or a hoodie, it can be a floating cloud or a liquid sweater, except this time around, the fashion is becoming less excessive and less harmful to the environment.

At the intersection of physical and digital fashion stands The Hundreds, who continue to build on new ways to inspire self-expression throughout the Metaverse. Here's a view of our Digital Wearable Collections that have been released so far and their rarity.