Alien Frens is a community-driven collection of 10,000 randomly generated ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Our mission is to build the largest group of frens in the metaverse. Owning an Alien Fren grants you lifelong access to an exclusive frenship filled with perks! This includes but is not limited to: participation in invasions; where we invade planets and pick up HUGE prizes via our bespoke online tool; access to incredible live events and experiences; exclusive clothing and merchandise drops; an entirely new, stake-able and FREE to holder V2 collection; customizable UFOs to travel the galaxy in; access to our pipeline of games; and the best aspect of all of this is, alien frens roadmaps are refreshed quarterly. We listen to members, incorporate feedback from our community, and build on this to provide as much ongoing value as possible to frens.

We want to create an identifiable group of frens that is easily accessible and welcomes all, regardless of background. We seek to connect users through various means, in our Discord, via Twitter, and even in our IRL events. Owning an Alien Fren means much more than just having an NFT - it's a whole new family that you will be able to connect with.
There are no roads in space...
We're ditching the quarterly roadmaps and replacing them with missions...

The missions will be featured on our website, their status will update often and can be seen transparently on the website.

This will allow us to invest more specifically into our community based on the market conditions and what we think is best for frens in real time!

Alien Frens NFT launched on December 20, 2021 with a mint price of 0.02 ETH. By January 2022, the collection’s floor price had jumped to an all time high of almost 4 ETH.
Owning an Alien Fren gets you access to a whole community and network of “frens” of different backgrounds, specialties, interests, and more. As a community-first project, Alien Frens moderators strive to hold Twitter spaces almost every day to help owners deepen their experience with the community, whether it be providing a space to share their hobbies or helping them find partners to set off on entrepreneurial adventures.

Alien Frens seeks to put the community first, listening to the feedback of holders and acting in their best interest. Since launch, the project has given back more than $2,000,000 in prizes to its community via “invasions,” Twitter giveaways, free merchandise, community game nights, and more.

With Alien Frens you also receive the opportunity to get whitelisted in many other affiliate projects, including Psssd, Cool Pets, Quirkies, Figuregot, Oddstronauts, Boki, 3Landers, Cryptobatz, Wonderpals, and more.

Additional benefits:

  • Earn FREN coin. You must hold 1 OG alien fren to activate coin earning for all other AFE owned. Fren Coin only used inside alien frens store. FREN coin is earned from holding and logging into website and claiming. it is not a blockchain coin, nor a staking coin.
  • Alien Frens Evolution will have an added invasion spot. Only 1, not multiple.
  • Frens Evolution will be considered a fren holder, and have access to discord roles.
  • Access to Frens Exclusive clothing items, after OG alien frens have finished buying in an allotted time. Then both OG and AFE have access.
  • Access to IRL events.
  • AFE may receive some things in quarterly roadmaps, but with OG frens receiving first.
On December 20th, a mysterious UFO landed on Earth via the Ethereum blockchain. It was Alien Frens, a collection of 10,000 cartoon-style avatar NFTs arriving straight from Planet Fren.
NFT Collections
Alien Frens are split up into four factions, Xenos being the most common, OLU being the most rare. When we invade planets the OLU will receive larger prizes, and on top of that they also have a better chance of winning those prizes as there are only 1000, on the opposite end Xenos will have a lot of prizes, but the prizes aren't as juicy.

All frens were airdropped an incubator, 1 PER FREN. Use this to produce the evolved fren or hold for future use. Frens also had the opportunity to privately purchase an additional AFE for .25 ETH, not an incubator.

After 24 hours, the remaining un-minted supply will be released to the public. In order to prevent botting, there will be a Public Sale sign up link. To create an AFE you do NOT need to use your fren with the incubator.


AFEs have different utility and a different art style than the original frens, however they are and will always be frens.

There are 29 1/1s that were created for the collection including some 1/1s from different artists. So far 21 have been minted. Below are some of the 1/1s
About The Team
Mason Crowe Artist/Creator/Leader
Mason is a 2D/3D artist from Cincinnati, Ohio based in Costa Mesa, CA who birthed the idea of Alien Frens. His vision is to create the biggest group of frens in the metaverse and wants everyone to be real with one another. Mason has always put Alien Fren holders first and will go to extremes to make sure all holders are heard.

Justin Brown aka Pape Marketing Lead
Pape, also based out of LA, is the lead marketer for Alien Frens. Pape is in charge of Alien Fren products, events, IP, among other things. 

Gabriel Montané aka Monti Community Manager
Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Monti is our Community Manager. He's in charge of project partnerships, community engagement, and everything that has to do with our community. 

Sean Herron aka sean.ohio Behind the Scenes
Sean has spent a lifetime building brands and teams. Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, he's disrupting industries, building brands, and helping our talented friends catch their entrepreneurial dreams. Sean puts frens first and will fight for them. He's in charge of IRL partnerships.

Micro Meet Ups
Little Atlas - Fren Locator in BETA
IRL Activations - Past & Present
Alien Frens IP