Swinging through the metaverse with 8,444 apes in 2022, Apes R Us features bold, fun and unique NFTs to match your personality and style. Our apes encompass everyday traits along with some of your favourite characters you may have loved over the years of growing up.The artwork that we have created is purely hand-drawn illustrations by Katun, a popular graffiti artist based in Malaysia that has stretched his wings globally over the last couple of years. He has worked with renowned artists such as Chris Brown, Dua Lipa, Post Malone and has also worked with brands such as Vans, Marshall, Footlocker, KFC, Oppo and many more. Joining our community means more than just art, it also provides community-based exclusive access to many portals throughout our roadmap that you will be able to unlock as we move forward and we’re excited to see each and every one of you join our journey.