Artie: Season 2 - I’m Already Dead Art

Utilizing cutting-edge, app-less mobile gaming technology, Artie is on a journey to build a cross-compatible metaverse of instantly accessible mobile games & IRL experiences where players can truly own their gaming experience.

About Us:

Artie is… how should we say this without sounding brash? We’re the future of
mobile gaming.

We’ll explain.

Mobile gaming is massive, yet billions of players are still on the sidelines. Yes, billions with a “B.” Here’s how that happens: 5 billion mobile users in the world. They spend more than 50% of their screen time on social media and video apps. But less than 30% are playing mobile games. That leaves… hold on, math. 3.5 billion more people to reach.

So how do we reach 3.5 billion people? By going to where they already are:
Social and video apps.

Mobile gaming is currently stuck in the app store. Players have to jump out of their content in TikTok or IG to visit the App Store. They click through a bunch of crap, then wait for the game to download. Most have already clicked back to TikTok before the game has even loaded. And when it does finally load, it’s buried on the 5th page of someone’s homescreen and voila! Never touched.
Enter Artie. Socially-native, with nothing to download. For real.
Socially-oriented, with games that buck the single-player trap and wrap in friends.

More friends means more gamers. And more gamers means more Artie. It’s a viciously awesome cycle. For all of us.

Mic drop. Love you.
Pong Legends

Pong Legends is a free-to-play, real-time, beer pong battler featuring power-ups and special abilities.

Face-off against an onslaught of opponents in real time PvP and ascend to take on the toughest Boss fights in PvE.

Reign supreme as you sharpen your battling skills to win matches, earn upgrades, and climb the leaderboards. Unleash devastating power-ups and finishing moves to crush your foes in style.

Play For Free
No app download. Play instantly on social media.
Win Battles
Using special collectibles and moves
Earn Loot
Unlock better items and a chance to earn playable NFTs
Rule the Table
Dominate the competition and climb the leaderboard