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Estimated earning is ~5 MIL USD

The team also makes mention that they were the same team who Rugged a previous project doodled dragons on Solana
Magic Eden Controversy
This rug goes a bit deeper as the team decided to callout Magic Eden's launchpad on their way out for being complacent and knowing they would rug the project before hand but still allowing it to go through their launchpad because they would collect 5% from the launch. It seems they allowed them to proceed after the team refused to provide ID or any proof of concept for their roadmap

After facing immense backlash from the community, Magic Eden tweeted a day later stating that it would:
1. Reimburse all holders and minters
2. ‘De-rug’ the project and put up 5,000 SOL for a new team to fulfil Balloonsville’s proposed roadmap.