The BasedHeads is the new NFT project from Web3's most creative content creator Robin Schmidt (aka SuperMassive). His new content studio BasedAF is taking the story of the Metaverse to new heights with jawdropping stunts and challenges to rival the top creators on YouTube. The BasedHeads represent the audience, the Superfans. Owning a BasedHead is owning a VIP ticket to the show. Fed up of content creators shilling you crap and filling their pockets because they mastered clickbait and predatory retention tactics? Congratulations, you are a BasedHead.

As a BasedHead you will be backstage, you will have access to the analytics, and you can influence what we make. Best of all, you can be part of the show. BasedHeads will be automatically eligible as contestants in our Metaverse productions like Manhunt. Can you find SuperMassive in the Metaverse? We're going the Mr Beast route and putting our money where our mouth is. Only BasedHeads are eligible for exclusive one off drops, MSCHF style - originated in Trashland, the metaverse home of the BasedHeads.

Check this video for a glimpse of where this is going.

Web3 is transforming the way content creators engage with their audiences. This is your chance to be part of a content revolution. Plus, they look pretty dope too. What's on the roadmap? Entertainment. Access. Exclusive content and drops. And a barrel-load of complete idiocy.
Promo Video