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Take to the skies and join the journey of BiPlane Bobo. The initial ticket into the 247 Comics ecosystem, the BiPlane Bobo Collection offers holders the ability to Build with Bobo and help shape the future of the BiPlane Bobo Franchise. Bobo was created by the 247 Comics Art Lead Sean Chen. As a comic book artist for Marvel and DC, Sean is widely known for his work drawing iconic superheroes, including Iron Man, Wolverine, X-Men, Nova, Batman Beyond, and more. Great Art. Great Stories. 247 is where we’re living the dream and welcome all who want in on it. We are a creator-led project where art and story are championed above all. With our creators’ vision and the support of our community, we are innovating and adapting the comic book industry for Web3. Visit for more details. This is Comics Reimagined.