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The Adventures of Bella the Blue Bot

Blue Studios NFT Project 1 is a Genesis 3D collection of 3,150 programmatically generative Bellas with over a hundred different elements. Each character is stored as ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Our project has 3,150 tokens sold, with 1,500 owners. This project has produced 4 mini-games with over 200,000 game plays.

The Bella Proof of Learning Experiences Protocol (POLEP) by Blue Studios is the world’s first minting celebration of learning experiences IRL and online. 

The Blockchain Adventures of Bella the Blue Bot is a 3D digital collection of NFTs stored on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. Our Genesis collection consists of 3,150 programmatically generative Bellas with over a hundred different elements. Our Phase 2 of 8,850 unique tokens is coming soon. We invite you to join our community, engage, and see how we can build together.Stay tuned for more drops including metaverse wearables, 1/1 NFTs, derivatives, collabs, and toys. #BelieveinBella
Blue Studios, founded by Kelley Cambry, is based on the fundamental belief that families have the power to change the world, and it’s our job to provide families with tools and software to reimagine what families can do together. Web3 is a new frontier and we create more opportunities for families to come together to plan, invest, learn, and play. Blue Studios is genuinely from our family to yours.

Kelley Cambry is a third-generation entrepreneur—on both sides of her family—who has been in the fintech and computer science industry for over 10 years. She spent time at Discover Card, in Consumer Card Acquisition, and as an Assistant Vice President of Digital and Product Manager for companies like American Express and JPMorgan. 

Kelley's background is in building products that make people's lives better by making it easier to manage their family’s finances.

Our team consists of engineers, filmmakers, animators, computer scientists, artists, and designers who have licensed and sold films to HBO and have worked for companies like JPMorgan and Bloomberg. 

Our mission is to build the world’s best products for our customers and the best protocols for the blockchain ecosystem. We want to be the company that families trust with digital assets and help them to unlock the best of Web3. We envision a world where people are empowered to be the custodians of their own data and wealth.