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Mint. Grow. Drink.

We’re introducing a new type of liquidity!

A group of boring web2 professionals, hardcore wine enthusiasts and an award-winning winemaker came together to create a new type of wine club for web3. We’re working with exceptional winemakers, vineyard owners and high quality brands to offer special access to limited vintage.
Collect Empty Bottles, grow Grapes and combine them to redeem a bottle of exceptional wine. Join us as we launch the first web3 “grow to drink” wine experience.  We’re ready to ship 5,555 bottles of award-winning wine across three varietals: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay & Pinot Gris!
The Process
We’re introducing a web3 winemaking experience using a unique approach. In order to redeem your physical bottle of high quality wine, you’ll need to grow your Grapes and fill it with wine. Each bottle is an exact representation of the physical bottles used by our winemaker.

1.) Our process starts with 5,555 Empty Bottles. Claimed as a free mint.

2.) Next is part is growing the grapes, mint 0.1 ETH. When producing fine wine, time is the most important ingredient. Grape rarity determines how many Grapes you grow each day.

Word on the grape vine is each Grape also acts as a raffle ticket for weekly contests to win awesome prizes!

3.) Fill your Empty Bottles by growing grapes and then combine them to redeem a physical bottle of wine!