Having gone through two successful collection mints in 2022, Memeland released what it calls its “premier” collection, The Captainz, on January 4, 2023, for a mint price of 1.069 ETH. Like The Potatoz, The Captainz is a collection of 9,999 utility-enabled NFTs that acts as a mid-level entry point to Memeland, sitting between YOU THE REAL MVP and The Potatoz.

The revealing process is staking to reveal in stages

You can send your Captainz to questing (staking) to earn maps for you weekly. If you make a crew, you boost for better maps. 

How do maps work?

Another utility of Captainz is earning Treasure bags. Whether you have a solo Captainz or Captainz with 1, 2, or 3 Potatoz, as long as they are questing, they may get lucky and receive a Treasure bag. It is confirmed Treasure bags contain $APE earned from 10 BAYCs that Memeland is staking and potentially ETH as well since recently Memeland has set up 69 ETH validators.

The Memeland website indicates that Captainz holders will receive benefits related to its $MEME token and Treasure Islandz, its upcoming project rumored to be a Memeland’s metaverse experience
Before mint holding 3 potatoz used to give us guaranteed allow list for Captainz.

Holding even 1 potatoz would’ve given you a chance to win allow list spots and made you eligible to participate in an FCFS mint round.