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Chimpsons is an art charity community project. Initially, the project was intended to be a fun, nostalgic, vibrant PFP/Art charity community project to give back to pediatric cancer charities, inspired by a team member's personal experience growing up with a cousin who had leukemia.

Overview Tweet from Founder

The project began as a PFP/Art initiative with no roadmap and no discord, but the team quickly set up a discord channel in response to community requests.

2 comics have been claimed as FREE MINTS to holders, to tell the story of Otherfield & Chimpsons!

Bracket style, head to head competition asking the community to tell their Chimpsons’ story! The 8 Winners will be able to have their character featured in upcoming comics!
Charity & Education
Chimpsons is also dedicated to charity, having donated 15.2 ETH to St. Jude, Child Leukemia Foundation, and other organizations for over $27k at the time of writing. The project has given away over 3 ETH worth of prizes to holders and followers.

The project is also committed to education, creating a coloring book for kids as part of the arts curriculum for the STEAM program. The Chimpsons team thanks friends of BAYC community such as GotrillaGorilla and 0xfarah for their support.

Chimpson's Pets!
Chimpsons team is excited to announce the upcoming launch of Chimpsons Pets, another free claim for holders. The team expresses their appreciation for the community's support and looks forward to impacting as many lives as possible in a positive way.