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Clay Nation is a creative project that combines clay animation, digital collectibles, and a metaverse.

A collection of 10,000 characters created from hand crafted, randomly-assembled clay traits. Each is a one-of-a-kind digital collectible, stored on the Cardano Blockchain. 

The project's goal is to create a community that values creativity and human connection by utilizing the potential of Web3. They want to create an ecosystem where people can experiment with new technologies and express themselves creatively. Additionally, they aim to offer virtual experiences and events for community members.

Ultimately, they hope to foster a vibrant community where people can connect and support each other, making Clay Nation a unique and exciting part of the Metaverse.

Why Cardano?
"We fell in love with the ethos, sustainability and community of the Cardano blockchain from our very first experiences. Cardano has always felt like the natural home for a project such as ours, and we were active in the ecosystem - running a Stake Pool - prior to launching Clay Mates, the first stop-motion animation NFT series on Cardano. This history means that today, Cardano is our roots. 

Cardano offers us the opportunity to let our imagination run free, to think outside the box and interact closely with our community. This innovative, inclusive and sustainable technology is our portal into Web3. "
Partnerships and Collabs
Last year, Clay announced an official partnership with none other than the CEO of Death Row Records.

Since this announcement, they:

• hosted a spaces with Snoop
• launched Baked Nation Pitches
• raffled 2 iconic collectibles

On August 2022, Champ, Snoop's son, joined the Clay Mates team to build strategic partnerships.

As someone who onboarded Eminem, Wiz Khalifa, Sketchers to Web3, Champ will propel the brand in the digital realm using his network & expertise.


GC is an American Pop Punk band that is famous amongst Millennials.

On October 31st, 2021, Clay launched a Halloween edition collection in collaboration with GC.

This collab made it clear Clay will grow their brand along the music industry.

In February it was announced that Clay Nation is set to become the first Cardano project to be integrated into The Sandbox, a popular blockchain-based virtual gaming world. 

This collaboration between Clay Nation and The Sandbox, in partnership with metaverse architects Smobler Studios, is a significant step forward for interoperability in the Web3 ecosystem. The integration of Clay Nation into The Sandbox Game will provide a new, exciting experience for players.

More information about this integration will be released in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for updates and get ready to experience the future of clay-voxel gaming!

The Clayverse
Clay Nation is a playground for anyone looking to create, connect and explore as part of a vibrant community.

The vision for Clay Nation is to create a virtual festival environment that is open and inclusive for everyone to explore. They plan to build a community where individuals can participate in developing the surroundings together.

In the future, they envision Clay Nation to grow and offer both virtual and physical arts and culture events that are accessible to both clay NFT and guest pass holders. The sale of Pitches at Clay Nation in Sonic Village, Underworld and Baked Nation played a vital role in scaling their shared vision of Clay Nation.

The map of Clay Nation displays the layout, size, pitch arrangement and key landmarks of the 3 initial zones: Sonic Village, Underworld and Baked Nation. 

You can see each zone as a pocket of 'community' within Clay Nation. Each zone will have its own distinctive theme based around shared common spaces. The zones within Clay Nation will be synergized visually and interconnected spatially, making it possible to travel between them.

Land in Clay Nation is called a PITCH. The NFTs that were sold during our land sale represent pitches in each of these 3 zones. All pitches are situated on our Clay Nation Map, identified by coordinates (x,y).

What is Pitch²?
The Clay Community Accelerator

Pitch² is an exploration of community innovation in Clay Nation and the wider Web3 space. 

It is our first formal initiative to encourage out-of-the-box thinking and creative projects, as well as catalysing community-led feedback and opportunities to boost clay ideas into action. 

The initiative is also the first that enabled the Clay Community - by means of a vote - to determine where we direct involvement to external projects and people. 

The proposals were received under two categories: Pitch and Padlock. These were then voted on by the community.

Clay Nation 3D Models
Clay Nation and Clay Nation x Good Charlotte

Clay Nation and Good Charlotte NFT holders can download their matching full body 3D, game-ready, unique avatar for free online by connecting a dAPP compatible wallet, or through verification with our in-house Discord bot.

The 3D models are optimized for web and can be previewed using our web application. To view the models in their finest quality we recommend downloading and rendering them in a 3D editing software such as Blender. Alternatively models can be imported and used in game engines: Unreal Engine, Unity etc.

Clay Space
The leading hub for all things Clay related.

​Clay Space was launched as a comprehensive platform to serve the growing Clay Nation community and those looking to join. Currently, the platform provides a sleek user experience for buying, selling, and listing existing Clay Nation and Clay Nation x Good Charlotte avatars in $CLAY token. 

We will continue to update Clay Space with new and exciting features. Recently, Clay Space hosted its first raffle, a feature that will give users the chance to win rare and exclusive NFTs.

As the Clay Nation community continues to grow, Clay Space will be positioned to become a leading hub for all things Clay-related and beyond.

Clay Space will enable you to:
  • Buy and sell your avatars, pitches & additional wearables.
  • Set your own price in $ADA or $CLAY. 
  • Name your pitches and give them a description.
  • Track ongoing community voting and review past community votes.
  • Use our custom builder tool to build structures inside Clay Nation. 
  • List your own 3D assets that meet our specifications. 
  • Compete to become a 'top contributor' for $CLAY rewards.

The Stand

Immersive Virtual e-commerce.

'The Stand' is the first immersive virtual 3D environment under development; The Stand is constructed using a newly developed web framework. We plan to make it possible to use this framework to create a variety of experiences, such as gaming environments, virtual hangout spaces, music concerts, workshops, educational spaces, immersive virtual portfolios, and more - within Clay Nation.

The Stand will serve as a showcase of the first commercial use case and initially will allow holders to purchase complimentary pants for their Clay Nation avatars using fungible tokens. After a successful launch, the pants for Good Charlotte holders will be next priority along with custom pairs and exclusive items. 

Users will also be able to modify and turn these tokens into NFTs once crafting capabilities are released. The Stand will be integrated with Cardano dApp compatible wallets for easy payments and to provide an immersive "token claim/drop" experience.
Tools and templates for creating similar commercial experiences will be available to Clay Nation users and partners at a later point. 

This marks an exciting step forward in our mission to provide innovative virtual experiences for our community.

Builder Tool

The Clay Nation builder tool will be designed to allow users to create and tailor their virtual spaces and experiences within Clay Nation. The tool will provide a user-friendly interface with a range of intuitive controls for creating and manipulating various assets; structures, objects, landscape features, and other elements of the virtual environment.

The builder tool will provide the ability to add programmable components to the scene and set their parameters to enhance the interactivity of the experiences. Gamify your experience or tailor it to fit your specific use case. 

Through the builder tool we aim to give Pitch holders first-hand access to integrate and make use of the tools and services that are being built for Clay Nation. 



Pronounced Rah-ku-di-o (rhymes with studio).

Rakudio aims to bring community driven art, music, poetry, writing, events to the citizens of Clay Nation. Curated for you, remixed by you, explored with you - shaped together.

Envision releases from influential or new artists, paired with ownership on an easy to use in-game application & virtual environment.

Rakudio will be home to exclusive bonus content that can be unlocked with $clay.

Copyright Statement from Clay Nation
Clay Mates™ may only be re-sold for gain or profit as NFTs with legitimate policy IDs. We do not grant permission for any person(s) or business(es) to reproduce, print or otherwise sell our content for commercial purposes without explicit permission.

Ownership and commercial usage rights are granted to the respective owner of each 1 of 1 Clay Nation character. We do not grant permission to reproduce our logos or our collaborators logos for any reason without explicit permission. Please see more detailed information on our Terms of Service page.

Full ownership and commercial usage rights apply to the tracks attached to Baked Nation pitches - remixing is encouraged. It's yours, own it. Full ownership and commercial usage rights apply to any future content released in partnership with Clay Nation through our planned 
Rakudio platform.
$CLAY token is the main utility and governance token of Clay Nation. $CLAY is designed to be deeply integrated within the Clayverse, where it will be used for many transactions within the virtual environment. $CLAY has a fixed, max supply of 2,500,000,000 (2.5 billion).
Our goal is to maximize utility of $CLAY token and to foster an ecosystem in which participants are as engaged as possible. 

More information on the ecosystem can be found through the Clay Nation "Claypaper" - linked in the Twitter's Linktree website.