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Launched in July 2021, Cool Cats is a collection of 9,999 programmatically randomly generated NFTs. The intention behind Cool Cats is to create an opportunity for a community-driven collective while simultaneously spreading crypto awareness, and adoption, and bringing utility to NFTs in general. We believe the NFT market to be a perfect play to not only introduce the Cool Cats to the masses — but also act as a vessel to enable a community-driven way to breathe life into the Cool Cat narrative and continually growing ecosystem.

Cool Cats returns 20 percent of all ETH raised to the community through contests, raffles, etc., with the goal of being a community-driven and owner-centric project. Cool Cat owners have a voice in the community and can help guide the direction of the program (i.e., determining specifics for future developments like breeding, next-generation Cool Cats, the Cool Cats app, etc.).
NFT Collections


There are more than 300,000 possible NFT combinations. Each cat has a unique face, body, outfit, and hat. Rarity is denoted by the cat’s designated “cool” factor, which is broken down into four categories: The most common NFTs are in the “cool” category, while the rarest are designated “exotic,” with “wild” and “classy” designations in between. All Cats are cool, but Cats with complete outfits are the coolest.

Cool Pets

The Cool Cats ecosystem includes Cool Pets, a collection of programmatically, randomly generated NFTs that you interact with to help them grow into entirely unique creatures. There are 19,999 Cool Pets—9,999 for Cool Cats holders and 10,000 for public mint.

Similar to the way in which Cool Cats are layered with a variety of attributes (hats, faces, shirts, etc.) that determine their entirely unique appearance, Cool Pets also have a unique layering system. Using the Cool Shop and marketplace, you can use $MILK to purchase items for your Cool Pet that will influence their evolution. Once your Cool Pet has reached its final form, all of its components will be assembled and layered to bring your Cool Pet to life. These dynamic layering mechanics also allow for future interactivity with the NFT.

There are over 17 million total unique combinations of Pets, with more than 4 million combinations possible in each element! The cool and cute combinations are nearly endless. 

To learn how to acquire a Cool Pet, click here.

Earning $MILK

Although there are a number of ways to earn, the main way to earn $MILK as a Cool Pet holder is to take your Cool Pet on quests! Are you an especially busy Cool Cat? You'll also be able to stake your final-form Cool Pet in The Adventurer's Guild. But first, you'll want to grow and evolve your Cool Pet.

Growing your pet

Growing your Cool Pet is easy and, dare we say, pretty exciting. So much of your Cool Pet's final form is determined by YOUR choices! Do you want to grow a Water Pet? Or are you raising a Fire Pet? They're both within your reach, but you'll need to pick the right items to make it happen. Or, maybe you want to give your Cool Pet everything you earn or buy, and be surprised by how it turns out. It's all up to you.

To properly grow your Cool Pet, you'll need to give it items to play with or consume. These items can be acquired by buying chests from the Cool Shop or purchasing items from the marketplace.

Cool Pet stages

It takes time to grow a Cool Pet. Their evolution goes through many forms, from egg to hatching to hatched to final form. Advancing your Cool Pet all the way to its final form takes a certain number of interactions. 

Transitioning from one Cool Pet stage to another is a simple process of giving your pet items. Each stage has a required number of interactions before your Cool Pet transitions to the next stage. 

Once your pet reaches its final form, it will no longer accept pet items. A Cool Pet that is sold with any item interactions will carry those interactions with them, even when sold. 
Road Map


Cooltopia is the Cool Cats ecosystem, including all of the components within Cool Cats that talk to one another: the Cool Cats NFT collection, Cool Pets NFT collection, the gamified and tokenized economy driven by $MILK, the questing system, the Cool Shop and marketplace, etc. Over time, we’ll add to and grow Cooltopia, making the experience for our holders more and more fun, interesting, and rich.

Our aim is to create the most accessible gamified NFT experience; to be a place where having a Cool Cats NFT grants you evolving access to games, tokens, community events, collaborations, and more. We believe we can achieve this goal by continuing to expand the Cool Cats team, bringing on more game developers, artists, and designers by raising capital through offerings like Cool Pets.

An integral part of who we are as a brand is our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. Our most important asset is our community, which prides itself on being welcoming, friendly, funny, and respectful. We support other NFT projects, and we support one another. Cooltopia is and will continue to be designed to bring that experience to as many people as possible. Whether you’re a Cool Cat holder or not…you’re still a Cool Cat to us. 
Cool Cats are derived from Blue Cat, the primary character created by Colin “thecatoonist” over 10 years ago. Colin aka “Clon” has spent years perfecting the line weight, ear height and whisker length of Blue Cat to finally get him to its undeniably cool and cute final form. I mean cmon, just look at him.

Blue Cat has had some degree of success making debuts in some small art shows and pockets of the internet but has never garnered the attention he truly deserved. While Blue Cat is the primary character of Clon’s creations — there are a variety of additional characters that are also just as cool..but those guys come later Cool Cats are the next evolution of Blue Cat & the gang.

The idea in turning these Cool Cats into NFTs is to create an opportunity for the masses to become part of the Cool Cat community and help in deciding the development, growth and direction of the Cool Cat story and ecosystem. Aside from being very cool profile pictures — the utility that these cats come with range from things like exclusive participation in community events to win Ethereum, claiming limited edition NFTs and more!