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Captain Meow has tasked the entire Cosmic Cat fleet to investigate all the new species that have been discovered in their travels! They have set their focus onto Alien Frens, Fishy Fam & Deadfellaz. The Cosmic engineers have been working tirelessly on a mutation method to combine Cosmic Cat DNA with those other 3 species.
Mutation Creation
Cosmic Cat Mutations
The Cosmic Cat Secret Society is a shadow organization in Cosmicverse. They are abducting different species from the Metaverse to experiment on! Secret Society goals are to permanently alter their DNA to create a Super Cat species that is unstoppable! The goal with our mutations was to build something Fun, unique, interactive, bring communities together and we did exactly that! We Call it Build-A-Cat because trait’s actually matter! Holders are able to go to our website and sign up your Cats for experimentation. During the experiment you will have the option to create 4 different species in real time! Standard Mutation: For standard Mutation you will just need 2 Cosmic Cats. As you can see in the example below you will be able to choose what traits you want to carry over from each Cat, 

Creating a Newly Mutated Cat!

Fishy Fam Mutation
: 2 Cosmic Cats + 1 Fishy Fam!
Deadfellaz Mutation: 2 Cosmic Cats + 1 DeadFellaz
Alien Fren Mutation: 2 Cosmic Cats + 1 Alien Fren 

Our artist Skelligor recreated over 500 traits from Alien Frens, DeadFellaz & Fishy Fam in his own Cosmic Style to make this possible!
If you are buying a Cosmic Cat and plan to Mutate check to make sure it has not been used yet! Mutations 


Mutation Dashboard: 

This collection is part of the Cosmic Cat Universe along with Cosmicverse Planets and Cosmic Cats Honorary collection.  They will be used and have meaning in the upcoming Cosmicverse universe