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Cyber Bandits is a project by artist Michael Reeder. The main focus of this project is to bridge Reeder’s physical painting style over to the generative pfp metaverse. For years Reeder’s paintings have utilized an aspect of interchangeability, recycling imagery from painting to painting. Most of Reeder’s characters share a similar figure shape that acts as a central vessel for the parts that make up the figure to live. Like a generative project, each painted figure feels similar and familiar yet fresh, new, and unique. Utilizing clippings from actual physical paintings and digitally rendered elements, Reeder has built a catalog of imagery to specifically be run through a generator to create the Cyber Bandits.

“This is my first time collaborating with a computer generator, and it’s been amazing to see my well-known library of imagery being pushed well beyond my own biases. This journey into generative art has been challenging, refreshing and has undoubtedly reinvigorated my appreciation for figurative art and its boundless potential.” – Michael Reeder


Allouche Gallery NYC

In November, Michael Reeder will have a solo exhibition at Allouche Gallery in SOHO, NYC. The works in the show will be directly inspired by Cyber Bandits, linking the digital collection to a physical body of work.

Cyber Bandits Print Pass

If you acquire 10 Cyber Bandits by a August 17th 12pm CDT, you will receive a print pass to have a single, 24”x24” (21”x21” image size), signed, and numbered digital archival print made of your chosen Cyber Bandit from your collection.

The Vault

Hey, how did you get in here?!? This is where Reeder keeps his secret stash! Please don’t steal anything! 

Periodically, special holders have a shot at “cracking” the vault. Rewards consist of NFTs, new Cyber Bandit prints, archived Michael Reeder prints, and may include a 4’x4’ original painting based on an NFT from the Cyber Bandits collection.

About Michael Reeder
Michael Reeder is an Urban Contemporary artist from Dallas, TX. His practice involves the usage of various mediums and techniques not commonly combined in traditional painting. In addition, his work frequently extends beyond the gallery setting and onto large exterior walls. Reeder’s extensive fine art studies, graphic design background, and early graffiti influence combine to form the style we are familiar with today. Reeder’s work commands attention through a bold mashup of color, graphic geometric patterns, and realism. His figurative work is heavy, saturated with bright, eye-popping color and imagery greatly influenced by the subjects of identity and human’s inevitable mortality. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and in numerous printed publications, including features in New American Paintings, Le Petit Voyeur, and HiFructose Magazine. Michael has also participated in multiple brand collaborations, including Santa Cruz Skateboards, New Balance, and Specialized Bicycles.