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Dapper Dinos is a family-friendly NFT project consisting of 9,999 programmatically, randomly generated dinosaurs living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Our mission is to give holders exclusive access to experiences, merchandise, community-driven events, philanthropic endeavors, and a first-of-it's kind metaverse that will allow holders to play, earn, and interact with each other.


1.  Dino Dash, our flagship game, will be an endless runner-style mobile & PC game that helps bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3.

2.  Our custom marketplace will allow users to access a feature-rich and intuitive marketplace, built specifically for the Dapper Dinos ecosystem.

3.  The tri-token ecosystem we have developed will fuel the Dapper Dino universe.

4.  We have developed a fully functional staking protocol that will allow users to not only stake tokens, but will also allow the staking of their Dapper Dino NFTs.


The Dapper Dinos were the 1st ever selection of Gary Vee’s Pre-Launch Program (PLP). Hand-selected from hundreds of applicants by Gary himself, it was an honor to be selected based upon our vision and goals not just for our project, but for the entire space.
We are proud to label ourselves as one of the most philanthropic NFT projects to exist. Our $300,000 donation to Girls Who Code is one of the largest single donations in the NFT and Web3 space.

In addition to this, we have successfully raised over $25,000 for Breast Cancer Awareness during the month of October as well as donated to 25 different charitable organizations through our “25 Days of Giving” campaign in December.

There is also a portion of royalties collected from all sales of Karma Dinos that is allocated to charity. Our community has spearheaded this effort by organizing and selecting the charity that this donation goes to each time.

We have fully developed and launched a complete breeding feature that is based on true genetics. You can breed any pair of Dapper Dinos and be given a baby Dino based on the genetics of the parents. We are extremely proud of this intricate model and method as it is not just a fully randomized new baby Dino. We build our project both methodically and with precision so that each piece built is very special.

Two of our founders, Rick Seeger and Chris Gallagher were invited to speak at the inaugural VeeCon event held in Minneapolis during May 2022. They joined some of the other top founders, builders, and influencers within the industry on stage for some great discussions.

In June 2022 we entered into a strategic partnership with Merit Circle who shares a common vision for where Dapper Dinos is heading.


total dinos: 9,999
mint cost: 0.0555
backgrounds: 8
skins: 19
headwear: 37
clothes: 44
eyes: 23
mouth: 33
accessories: 7
Tokens and Breeding
tokens and breeding‍
The Dapper Dinos Economy Consist of Three Main Assets

breeding token