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DeadFellaz is an Ethereum-based collection of 10,000 NFTs (ERC-721s) launched in August 2021. The co-founders are Betty, a co-director of a creative production agency, and Psych, the lead artist of the collection.

The NFTs in the collection are randomly generated from 300 unique traits. While there aren’t many rare traits, it is the combination of traits that makes a Deadfellaz NFT rare. Primarily, the collection takes inspiration from the many zombie and horror movies that the founders grew up watching and loving. In addition, 90s animation, streetwear, music, gaming culture, and queer culture as well influenced the project’s artwork. 
Q4 2021
  • ‘Deadfrenz’ coming December 13: Betty & Psych made a discovery deep in a testing lab on their latest raid. An exotic undead companion collection is coming.
  • OnCyber Gallery Release: Our collaborative partnership with OnCyber has seen the development of an official Deadfellaz inspired gallery setting. This will soon be available to purchase via OnCyber’s ‘Factory Collection’ — giving you the opportunity to display your NFT’s in the metaverse, horde style.
  • Brand partnerships: We have formed relationships with well respected brands to create mutually beneficial content, expanding our reach and allowing us to explore new avenues of creativity.
  • New NFT platform listing: We will explore a new and innovative NFT marketplace platform alongside the platforms we currently utilise, OpenSea and Nifty Gateway.
  • Limited Merch Release: WEN MERCH! We hear you, it’s coming. You will be able to order hoodies, mugs, tees and more before the end of the year.
  • Stickers: A collaboration with a high quality sticker company to buy vinyl Deadfellaz stickers for your home, car, laptop or forehead. Complete with a private and customised page on their website for the Deadfellaz community where each member can access and order their sticker pack (general Deadfellaz packs, and unique packs per your pfp). Available shortly after Halloween.
  • Holiday Season in DeadZone 13: Exclusive DeadZone13 gigs, token gated for Deadfellaz holders, with a portion of tickets purchasable for non-holders. Playable mini-games, puzzles, wearables store, continued development and improvement of the city, hidden things to discover.

Q1 2022
  • Toys & Plushies: We have partnered with Youtooz Collectibles to create a high quality vinyl collectibles, starting with a fresh and rotten Betty, as well as plushies. Youtooz creates high-quality collectibles for the heroes and role models of the internet — memes, content creators, music artists, licensed IPs, and more. They have partnered with the most influential personalities and franchises across internet culture, from Youtube stars, to iconic memes, to globally recognised characters and brands such as HBO, Crunchy Roll, Capcom and now Deadfellaz.
  • Merch Partnerships: We haven’t rushed into merchandise partnerships to ensure the highest quality and alignment to our brand is maintained. Q1 2022 will see us form collaborative relationships with brands that will bring Deadfellaz merchandise to life.
  • DEFI DEATH: The branch of Deadfellaz focusing solely on music. DEFI DEATH will empower musicians in our community to release music in innovative ways via their Deadfellaz identities, and have their creations amplified within our metaverse spaces. This will be a constantly evolving project that adapts to the needs of the community and innovations of the space.
  • Sandbox: Our sandbox development will begin officially — we will be using Sandbox to explore fun community gameplay.

Q2 2022
  • DAO of the Dead: While many have asked ‘wen DAO’ — this is something we have intentionally taken a slow approach to. The legalities and structures of a DAO are intricate and something we wish to get right in order to empower and strengthen the community. We are consulting with experts, and our legal team is exploring all possibilities. DAO of the Dead will ultimately have a creators community focus.

Q2/3 2022
  • Deadfellaz goes 3D: Our 3D team will transform all 10,000 Deadfellaz from our original collection into fully rigged 3D models. Original 2D tokens will not be impacted, this is an addition not a replacement. As we approach completion we will be exploring the possibilities and opportunities that these models open to holders, including avatar use across the metaverse, AR and social media.
Deadfellaz’ creators Betty and Psych intended to build a pop-culture brand in the real world and a crypto-native brand in the metaverse. Since its launch, Deadfellaz has built several partnerships to bring added utility to its community. The NFT project is signed with the global talent, entertainment and sports company, UTA to expand into brand partnerships, merchandising, and gaming, among others.

The project also partnered with Gilson, a snowboard company, to release one-of-one snowboards and skis using Deadfellaz avatars. Deadfellaz, Deadfrenz, Halloween S1, and Betty Pop Horror collection holders were able to  mint either a snowboard or ski for 0.32 ETH.

In September 2021, Deadfellaz held a token-gated metaverse Halloween party at their Decentraland estate. Artist collaborators included: Ghxsts, Cool Cats, KidEight, MarktheHabibi, Diela, Stephy Fung, Nook, Smoochies, Brisseaux, Gossamer, FatBaby, ROMbrandt, and Amrit Pal Singh/Toy Faces.

NFT Collections

Deadfellaz is an Ethereum-based NFT collection of 10,000 zombie-themed NFTs that launched in August 2021.. The NFTs in the collection are randomly generated from 300 unique traits. While there aren’t many rare traits, it is the combination of traits that makes a Deadfellaz NFT rare. 

The collection takes inspiration from the many zombie and horror movies that the founders grew up watching and loving. In addition, 90s animation, streetwear, music, gaming culture, and queer culture influenced the project’s artwork. Deadfellaz zombies were created to be genderless to bring contrast to the male-dominated NFT space. 

Deadfellaz collectors include celebrities Reese Witherspoon, Steve Aoki, Lil Baby, and the members of Pussy Riot. 

Halloween S1

A limited edition collection of 13,000 NFTs from 13 Deadfellaz species. The collection was created in collaboration with 

Betty Pop Horror


Deadfrenz is a collection of 13,000 unique NFTs brought to you by Deadfellaz as a companion project, complimenting the original collections with both aesthetics and utility, with a special focus on gaming. Deadfrenz is made up of 13 species, each with their own array of traits and variance. As in the original collections, rarity is statistical and secret traits are not always listed, but discovered.

Just like the ‘fellaz, the ‘frenz became infected during ‘The Outbreak’ and responded to an ICD issued ‘antidote’ — but are still more dead than alive. Since then, these ex zoo animals have been languishing miserably in an ICD testing lab.

On a mission led by Betty & Psych to weed out ICD from DeadZone7, the ‘frenz were discovered and liberated from captivity. They will now join the Deadfellaz as loyal companions on their journey through the metaverse.

Deadfrenz are PFP ready, art-focussed and feature the same degrade system as seen in the original 10k Deadfellaz collection. Rarity will reflect this, with combinations of all fresh, all damaged and all rotten being the rarest.

Deadfrenz Lab Access Pass

Lab Access Passes are an NFT reserve system used to redeem Deadfrenz ERC-721 Tokens. Deadfrenz are a collection of 13000 undead animals on the ethereum blockchain. 1 Pass = 1 Deadfren upon redemption.

Deadfellaz Infected S2

The DFZ Infected series returns for 2022 with a 2nd limited edition of Deadfellaz featuring beloved web3 artists & brands.
About The Team
Betty CEO/Founder/Horde Mother

 Artist & Co-Founder

India Weston Lead Narrative Designer
India Weston (also known as 1ND14), is an in-demand game writer and narrative designer in the Web3 space, designing some of the most engaging worlds around in blockchain gaming. She has worked as a senior game writer on two large-scale Alternate Reality Games (ARGs), The Parasite and Terrarium (the latter of which took home the 2020 IndieCade Award for Best Location Based and Live Play Design). In addition to Deadfellaz, India is also the lead narrative designer on Inferno. How does she manage to do so many things? A lack of sleep, many cups of coffee, and dark magic. Definitely dark magic. (We suspect she may be a necromancer.)

Leon Lee Visual Development Lead
Leon Lee (also known as GentleSpud) doesn’t like to talk about himself, but his pictures speak volumes. With experience in the animation industry working for clients such as DreamWorks Animation, Renegade Animation, JuVee Productions, and etc, he has taken his expertise to the Web3 space, and is currently working on building out the Deadfellaz world. Leon spends most of his time making art, but also enjoys, growing his collection of plants, and watching anime. The best way to get to know more about him is by flipping through his gorgeous artworks, or connecting with him.