Degenerate/Regenerate is a 7,400 piece generative NFT art project by Shepard Fairey. Pulling from Fairey’s 32 year stencil, illustration, and fine art archive, this collection layers iconic images programmatically to create new, unique pieces of digital art. The token-gated channels of the project's Discord have become key methods of distribution for new Fairey prints. A social token $OBEY has been dropped to holders and will be used for future events, activations, and access.
Art project
There is no roadmap of note, this is an art project building on 30 years of Shepard Fairey's work.
Despite the projects inactivity on Twitter and declining sales activity on Opensea there are still updates from the community manager in their discord as of April 2023 with majority allowlist spots being given out to holders for Shepard Fairey's other drops including OBEY Archives