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The Detonated Toonz are a collection with a maximum limit of 8,888 unique NFTs. You can only create a Detonated or Radioactive Toon by using dynamite on an OG Degen Toon. Visit for more details. 
GMGN Industries is a collection of individual dynamite NFT's that gives the option to the owner to use on one of their OG Toonz within their possession. The deflationary aspect of this collection helps maintain the balance between supply & demand by adding value to the overall collection in both the short and long term.

How? When detonating one of your Toonz with a dynamite, this does not harm or change the OG Toonz you have used it on. It instead gives you a completely new NFT asset branded under our Detonated Toonz collection. A stacking mechanism is also added to the dynamites, giving the holder an option to combine 3 dynamites to create a more powerful, radioactive version. This exchange can be done on our website. 

When purchasing a Toon on the secondary market, you can check ahead of time if that Toon still has the dynamite attached to it, or if it has been detonated on either tier by going to our website connecting your wallet and clicking “verify claim”. 

Introduced at NFT NYC in June 2022!