5555 Dope Dapper Ducks swimming their way into Web3 and the Metaverse. NFT project founded by 
MrBoston. The majority of adults drink alcohol, go to breweries, and have children. DDD will be an NFT project with major utility in the beer, wine, and spirits industry but will also help create IP products with profits back to holders. Our holders will also have access to an analytical tool ($75/month value), a custom built marketplace, a trait market, and so much more over time! We pledge to donate a portion of sales to Alcohol/Drug Addiction Recovery and Mental Health charities & organizations.
Roadmap Through 2024
  • POD Website & Limited Merch Drop
  • Customizable Online Dashboard/Collection Flex
  • Swapbox Integration for Safer Trading
  • Brewery, Vineyard, & Distillery Partnerships
  • Dope Dapper Ducks & Company
  • Discounted Alcohol Delivery
  • IRL Event Tickets & Discounts
Collection Flex
Dope Dapper Ducks has invested in Collection Flex so that community members can easily flex their DDD collections on social media. We know that time is money and people hate screenshotting and cropping every NFT. Save time and flex your collection simply with our dedicated page on Collection Flex.
Custom Caption/Meme Bot
We have created a bot named "Danny Duckvito" where you are able to type any slogan you want and either have it populate with a random duck in the collection, a random duck in your wallet, or a specific token ID. You are also able to get your ducks in the words GM, GN, LFG, & a heart. We are creating overlays and trait templates to show off your ducks in the best ways possible.
We have partnered up with HodlPerks to offer discounts on many different things to all of our holders. Check out the discord to find out what is currently available.