What started out as doodles left on restaurant and bar receipts in 2015 is now a collection of 10,000 unique programmatically generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Based on the art of Arlo Eisenberg, Drug Receipts is founded on the principles of art, science, skepticism, subversion, and community. Led by four main characters, Cap, Tabbi, Rex, and Syrin, Drug Receipts is at once irresistibly cute and also brazenly provocative. Drug Receipts does not take a position on whether drugs are good or bad. All of the characters are deliberately ambiguous—Illicit substances that can be used for healing or recreation. Responsibly or recklessly. Drug Receipts is a defence of nuance. It is a prescription against polarization. Become a pusher of deeper and more thoughtful content. Trade in illicit conversations. Join the growing legion of Drug Snugglers and help spread Drug Receipts’ unique brand of mind-altering substance.