Overview and Roadmap


Three things define who we are, what we do, and how we do it:

Community first.
It’s all about people. Community is at the core of our culture, we thrive to empower them in everything we do. They will always be the #1 priority for us.
Raise the bar.
We believe in amazing content made by amazing people. We aspire to raise the bar and build a universe that is made to last forever. We are fully committed to delivering outstanding experiences to the world.
All about long term.
There is no shortcut to greatness. We believe in building the right foundation to allow the everlasting success of our universe.


Don’t miss your slot, get yourself a seat and be part of our journey - it will be a special one. Fasten your seat belt, and let’s write the next chapter of web3 together.

Own your Universe.
Every original Everai holder will be considered as a crew member. This status will unlock the right to vote for the future of the project. Key decisions related to universe expansion, content creation, partnerships, etc. will be made together with you.
Join our Creator’s Crew.
We will host events to empower community creators and allow them to contribute to the foundation and expansion of our universe.
Enjoy the Journey.
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard. In a few moments, the Shodai attendants will be passing around the Ark to grant you exclusive access to the Forge (creations, rewards, and future collections in partnership with renowned Artists & IP’s). Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!


We intend to build a long-lasting brand based on the Everai Heroes and their Universe. We’re going to take our time to do it the right way, with the right crew.

Writing the lore.[IN PROGRESS]
There is one common denomination to all everlasting universes: a backstory that sets the foundation for a creative world expandable for generations to come. Drawing our inspiration from what we consider to be the best in the field (Marvel, Arcane, Attack on Titan, etc), we initiated the writing process of the Everai Lore months ago. We look forward to pursuing this meticulous work with passion. Fueled by our holder's imagination, we will write the future of Everai together.
Bringing it to life - Part I.[IN PROGRESS]
In the short term, we intend on doing much more than writing a memorable backstory. We want it to come to life through many creative forms, such as illustrations, music, stories, etc.
Bringing it to life - Part II.[EXPLORING]
In the longer term, we’ll expand into trailers, anime series, movies, etc. Anything goes. It may take years to bring this vision to life, but we already love the foundation we’ve built, and we’re in it for the long haul. They say it’s the journey that counts, and we intend on making ours as extraordinary as we can!


We’ll be bringing our universe to life in the real world very shortly. In fact, some surprises are already on the way...

Clothing.[IN PROGRESS]
Whether you want to take your Everai-branded sneakers for a walk around town or you prefer to kick back at home in your Shodai hoodie, we want you to be the proud ambassador of our premium clothing brand. Stay tuned!
Imagine a world where, fuelled by your creativity, all things Everai can come to life (collectibles, art, accessories, etc). If you can vote it, we can make it.
We’re planning to host special events and take the Ark on a physical journey to you. We look forward to seeing you there.
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