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What is Feline Fiendz?
Feline Fiendz is a collection of 7,777 radical looking cats that serve as a pass to the vibes of all NFT Projects. This is a project FOR DEGENS, BY DEGENS. Our goal for us at the Fiendz team is to provide everyone a peaceful place, free from the stresses of IRL life. This server will serve as your home if you're in need of quality people to lean on and talk to. We hope to build a community and brand around people that value the art, and the benefits that come with a strong community backing it. We hope to continue building and providing values for years, not months. We hope you feel welcomed to our Feline family - we only hope that it will continue to grow and prosper. By spreading positivity day in and day out, and with your support, we think that the sky is the limit. We plan to have two phases for the Fiendz. The first emphasizing on community building and making sure everyone feels like they fit into the community. The second phase is when the utility for holding a Fiendz comes in. We won't be able to reveal to you just yet, but be ready for those announcements.
What is the roadmap?
You can check out our roadmap in the #roadmap channel, but the Season One Roadmap will be posted until we are ready to reveal what we have stored for you guys for Season Two.
Season One will mainly be community based, so events, merch, charities, donations, giving back to you guys and gals, helping cats in need, etc. Season Two will be when the utility for the jpeg comes into play. We won't reveal what we're planning for it and what we're cooking up, but be ready.