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Holders of the Flys Alpha Access Pass get access to Flys private channels in Twitter and also Telegram.  

Here is what you can expect:

- My real time thoughts
- A community full of curious people
- Access to FlysFunds
- Access to me via DMs for opinions on buying/selling/trading Crypto & NFTs 
- My promise to show up each day.
FlysAlpha is about finding projects with GREAT leaders and getting an entry where we experience significant upside with little downside risk. This is a very narrow window for projects so there arent calls every day, nor even once a week, BUT thats why its important.

FlysAlpha Contact of the Future is the foundation for Fly's Ecosystem as they create and find a use case for a $fly token over the next 12 months.

"Follow along our journey releasing never before seen art, curating new experiences, and being a part of a group of people wanting to change the world! After you buy your FlyPepe on OS, please join us in our telegram to get to this community you will be building with! This is not going to be overnight, but we are going to slowly and organically cultivate a group to lead the next wave of decentralization adoption."