It all began in 1987 when I gifted my first art to a friend. Since then, I've shared my art with as many friends as possible. Inspired by the Web3 community, I’m happy to announce my limited Open Edition, FRENS. It’s dedicated to friends I've made, and art I've created in real life. The collection is one piece with infinite color palettes of the same piece; all are 1/1 although some are much more rare. Over the past two years, I've met many of you. Starting with Clubhouse in 2021, we forged friendships during the pandemic. As the world re-opened, our journey continued to events nationwide. I shared my art with Frens at each place through drawings and live paintings. Last fall, we built a vibrant and supportive community with my project, The Stoics. We learned Art always wins. All of these experiences inspired me to create FRENS. With this limited open edition, you will receive unique artwork, just like my live drawings. Art is for celebration. Art is for gratitude. Art is for Frens.