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An NFT commemorating the 1 year anniversary of Alien Frens! Thanks for being here and supporting us! We can't wait to build and grow with you. This piece is a collectible and will have no utility within the Alien Frens Ecosystem.

Contract Address: 0xf2e8d10768E295C324c2faeB1ab15E14C2Ae4E76

Token Standard: ERC-1155

Chain: Ethereum

Creator Earnings: 5%

OS Link:
There are no roads in space...
We're ditching the quarterly roadmaps and replacing them with missions...

The missions will be featured on our website, their status will update often and can be seen transparently on the website.

This will allow us to invest more specifically into our community based on the market conditions and what we think is best for frens in real time!
The parent project, Alien Frens NFT, launched on December 20, 2021 with a mint price of 0.02 ETH. By January 2022, the collection’s floor price had jumped to an all time high of almost 4 ETH.

About the Team
Mason Crowe Artist/Creator/Leader
Mason is a 2D/3D artist from Cincinnati, Ohio based in Costa Mesa, CA who birthed the idea of Alien Frens. His vision is to create the biggest group of frens in the metaverse and wants everyone to be real with one another. Mason has always put Alien Fren holders first and will go to extremes to make sure all holders are heard.

Justin Brown aka Pape Marketing Lead
Pape, also based out of LA, is the lead marketer for Alien Frens. Pape is in charge of Alien Fren products, events, IP, among other things. 

Gabriel Montané aka Monti Community Manager
Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Monti is our Community Manager. He's in charge of project partnerships, community engagement, and everything that has to do with our community. 

Sean Herron aka sean.ohio Behind the Scenes
Sean has spent a lifetime building brands and teams. Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, he's disrupting industries, building brands, and helping our talented friends catch their entrepreneurial dreams. Sean puts frens first and will fight for them. He's in charge of IRL partnerships.