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[GEMMA]( (The Generative Electronic Museum of Metaverse Art) is a comprehensive generative art collection by [Tristan Eaton]( Combining Eaton’s stunning portraiture and layered collage, each piece carries its own unique personality and identity.
Collector Status
We’re excited to build community with our holders and generate value within this collection of work, but please remember that we’re all here for the art first and foremost. Each holder has an exclusive, 1 of a kind work of art and that alone is awesome. We hope you all enjoy the world of G.E.M.M.A.! 
G.E.M.M.A (OG) Roadmap

BONFIRE (Burn-to-Print Mechanic)

There will be four quarterly events enabling holders to burn their GEMMA NFT in exchange for a 24” x 24” signed, 1 of a kind giclee art print of their image, creating deflationary supply in the digital collection.

ORIGINAL G.E.M.M.A. CANVAS (Value of $45k)

One holder will receive the original, 60” x 60” painting on canvas that Tristan created as the genesis of the G.E.M.M.A. collection. The piece will be customized with hand spray painted traits to match the winning NFT. 


We don’t want to blow every surprise, but we have plans to work with other projects and companies on collaborations throughout 2022.


We are planning at least one art public exhibit featuring various G.E.M.M.A. imagery.


Holding a G.E.M.M.A. NFT will make you eligible for previews, sneak peeks, pre-orders and giveaways featuring upcoming digital and physical work by Tristan Eaton.