A collection of 10,000 Pixelated Ghosts
A huge explosion destroyed the Lab, killing all the Scientists & creating Ghosts in the process. 

There are 6 levels, depending on the amount of Ghost Lab NFT's you hold:

Baby ( 1 Ghost )
Rookie ( 2 - 9 Ghosts )
Senior ( 10 - 19 Ghosts )
VIP ( 20 - 49 Ghosts )
Whale ( 50 - 99 Ghosts )
Ghost GOD ( 100+ Ghosts )

These levels are important as they act as a multiplier with some of the perks we provide.
It also gives different roles and colors in our Discord. 
Our in house token

Ghost Lab holders earn 10 $PLASMA per day just for holding their Ghosts and you can also get 1000 $PLASMA for each MINT that is a huge bonus!

We've built a "SHOP" in our website where each week we will put NFTs from other projects, WL Spots for upcoming NFT projects, merch and other things that you can get with your $PLASMA

We'll use 50 ETH from the MINT funds to acquire some NFTs from great projects and raffle them to those who MINT Ghost Lab

A MAYC, a Moon Bird, some World of Women, Yuga Lands? You can vote on our discord 

$PLASMA is our official utility token.
It's not an ERC-20 token so it doesn't have any monetary value associated.
A utility token is used as a "currency" in a ecosystem and for that reason it doesn't need to have any value.

The big advantage to have an off-chain token is mainly $GAS costs are reduced to 0$, both for holders and the project. Any transaction that involves $PLASMA, doesn't cost anything.

How to earn $PLASMA?
1. While we are MINTING, each 👻 minted receives 1000 $PLASMA.
2. Events (like Rumble games on Discord, activity missions like Twitter posts and others).
3. Simply holding your 👻 in your wallet. This is correlated with your holder level as well (check the Levels page). The higher the level, the more $PLASMA each of your 👻 earns daily.

Baby - 10 $PLASMA / per 👻
Rookie - 15 $PLASMA / per 👻
Senior - 20 $PLASMA / per 👻
VIP - 25 $PLASMA / per 👻
Whale - 30 $PLASMA / per 👻
Ghost GOD - 35 $PLASMA / per 👻

Where to spend $PLASMA
1. SHOP - use it to acquire raffle tickets for NFTs.
2. Merch - any merchandise we release will be available for holders to get using their $PLASMA.
3. It will also be possible to use $PLASMA in our upcoming games.
4. Auctions - we run auctions in our Discord, where holders can spend their $PLASMA to bid on items.

How to check the $PLASMA balance
Holders can check their $PLASMA balance in the SHOP page, right at the top (this will possibly change to the Profile page). 
What is the mint price?
We have several tiers, please check it below:
Whitelist - 0.03 ETH (Limit 5)
Public - 0.04 ETH (Limit 10)
Also you need to pay for the GAS.

Where can I buy Ghosts?
You can mint using our website, when sold out, you can buy on secondary markets like OpenSea.

Ghost Lab Partnerships
GhostLab Team