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The day before the movie launches, ~3,000 Mini-Pufts will burst from the containment unit and attack the world! Each one, a totally unique and hilarious celebration of our favorite new Ghostbusters: Afterlife characters. Collect them, sell them, trade them, and view them on all your digital devices. Every Ghostbusters fan will want to trap one of these adorable little marshmallow spuds before they’re all gone.
The 12 Days of Afterlife become the 6 Months of Afterlife.

NFT Owners will get insider access to key members of the team that created Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

Each month, collectors who own a Mini-Puft NFT will get access to an exclusive Insider Session with the creative team behind the new film. Sessions will include intimate fireside chats to explore the making of Ghostbusters: Afterlife and master classes led by members of the film’s creative team.

Specific dates to be confirmed. Live sessions will be recorded and shown in Discord exclusively to Mini-Puft NFT holders.

1000 official Ghost Trap NFTs will be released prior to the Mini-Puft collectibles drop, each claimable and free (+ gas). What can you do with a Ghost Trap NFT? Trap a ghost, of course. But not just any ghost - it will only work on a special breed known as “The Mob.”
The day after the collectibles drop, a Mob of 500 Mini-Pufts will escape onto the Ethereum blockchain. Because Mini-Pufts travel in packs, Mob members will find wallets already holding a Mini-Puft and hang out with their friends for 250 blocks (about 40 minutes) before fading through the wallet walls to visit another one of their kind in a new wallet.
If you see a Mob member in your wallet (you will know by connecting to the website or keeping an eye on your Opensea wallet), you can capture them and claim yourself a free (+ gas) Mini-Puft, if you have 1 of the 1000 Ghost Trap NFTs. When the Mob member is in your wallet, and you have a Ghost Trap NFT, visit to use your Ghost Trap NFT (it will be burned) and capture the Mob member for free, plus gas, of course!
Session: How to Tell Great Stories
Format: A Master Class with Jason and Gil
Writers Jason Reitman and Gil Kenan tell the origins of this sweet story of family and friendship and how writing Ghostbusters: Afterlife felt like two friends writing fan fiction. Also exploring the underlying nature of storytelling - how we do it and why? What is timeless about storytelling? How does technology change the stories we tell? How do cultural landscapes change the stories we tell?
Session: World Building - Bringing the Ghostbusters: Afterlife World to Life
Format: A Master Class with Ghostbusters: Afterlife Production Designer François Audouy
How do you design a world that combines the real world with the supernatural? Join production designer François Audouy as he brings us through what goes into designing a new Ghostbusters movie. Drawing inspiration from the original Ghostbusters movie, which was released almost 4 decades ago, and creating something to look back on in 40 years time.
Session: Behind the Camera - How to Shoot Great Shots
Format: A Master Class with Ghostbusters: Afterlife Cinematographer Eric Steelberg
Hear from Jason’s friend and long time collaborator Eric Steelberg about the art and trade of cinematography, from the gritty details of how the tech works (and doesn’t) to the collaborative nature of working with a director to hold their vision true while being in the driver’s seat of the capture technology.
Session: Look and Feel of Ghostbusters: Afterlife
Format: A Master Class with Ghostbusters: Afterlife Costume Designer Danny Glicker
At a high level, how does costume design work in 2021? What does a day on set look like? What about a day not on set? In between movies?
More granular - costume design and the legacy of one of the most iconic uniforms in cinema?
Session: Live Director’s Commentary of Ghostbusters: Afterlife
Format: Fireside Chat with Jason and Gil
Follow along at home as Jason and Gil watch the movie on Zoom with you, providing live commentary on the ideas, the process, and the vision for every scene. Hear never before shared details from the team behind the storytelling triumph that is Ghostbusters: Afterlife.
The Mob
At 4:00 pm PT on November 17th, 1,000 ghost trap NFTs will be dropped into the Ethereum community, each claimable and totally free (plus gas.) What can you do with a ghost trap NFT? Trap a ghost, of course. But not just any ghosts, it will only work for the special breed of 500 known as “The Mob.”