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Goblin Town

Goblintown is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that has become an unprecedented success since launching on May 19. Each NFT features a grotesque goblin, to be used as a profile picture on Twitter, Discord or Instagram, each with different attributes and accessories.

Goblintown’s name and site URL, which ends in .wtf, both embody what every NFT collector feels during a huge market drop: Anger, chaos, utter confusion, and pandemonium. In this respect, the name is a colloquial expression for bear markets, and the project could easily be seen as elaborate commentary on the state of NFTs — and NFT collectors — during the 2022 drop.

The purpose of the project is also rather surprising. Recently, several prominent NFT collectors have noted that, to be taken seriously, an NFT project must have meaningful utility. Goblintown’s creators….don’t care.
From the start, the founders were upfront about the nature of this project. On the official website, the team outlined their plans in bold letters: “No roadmap. No Discord. No utility. CC0.” That last bit is especially worth paying attention to, as each Goblintown NFT is registered under a creative commons license, meaning buyers have free reign to do whatever they want with their goblin NFTs.

The creators of Goblin Town describe it as a vibrant community where goblins reside, embracing their individuality, celebrating their unique talents, and relishing in their love for burgers and boisterous revelry. They firmly believe that everyone harbors a mischievous goblin within, and Goblin Town provides the perfect outlet for releasing that inner goblin spirit.
No Discord, no utility, and CC0.

Truth Labs (the team behind the Illuminati Collective and The 187) revealed themselves as the creators of Goblintown in June 2022 after many months of speculation from fans and critics. 

Truth Labs is a web3 collective dedicated to sharing “delightful blockchain mischief exploring creativity, developing rich, fun worlds and experiences, and providing a platform for new voices and visions in the web3 space.”

McGoblin Burger
McGoblin Burger

"MadD wiTHH gARREE PEee sOSSS, wekm ta mcGoblinBURRGR, i TAK UR ORDRR? 0.001 Pur mcGoblinBURRGR 4269 SuppLIEE"

The starving goblins residing in Goblin Town have developed an unusual fondness for a rather unconventional delicacy—the McGoblin Burger. In this collection, NFT enthusiasts can claim a single burger per goblin, but be warned, the ingredients may not be for the faint of heart.

Each McGoblin Burger is meticulously crafted, incorporating a medley of ingredients ranging from worms and socks to various meats, sauces, and buns. The goblins possess an uncanny ability to find whatever moldy substances lie hidden around the corner, resulting in an unorthodox gastronomic experience. Despite the off-putting nature of these burgers, owning one is a surefire way to appease your goblin companion.

A hyper-deflationary collection. All we know is that goblins eat Mcgoblin burgers… and burgers were used to trap grumpls. We'll have to wait and see what happens with these next.


Grumpls is a supplementary set of NFTs that complement the Goblintown collection. The Grumpls collection is shrouded in mystery, with only a brief, cryptic explanation provided. It is said that they are unique little creatures that remain present as long as they are well-nourished. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, sometimes indulging excessively and becoming unpredictable. There are five Grumpls that possess the coveted "speshul combo" feature.

The co-founder and artist of Goblin Town with a pseudenouys @process_grey also tweeted that “The collection of Grumpls caught using only one burger includes 9 generative mini-collections created by eight artists, as well as twenty-two 1:1 grumpls, each with a creator of its own!”

Offical Statment From Truth Labs: 
When we started Truth Labs, one of our goals was to support and uplift artists. With the grumpl project, we gave long-established Web3 artists and newcomers to the space the opportunity to shine a light on each other.
We knew early on in the grumpl conceptualization that this needed to be a guest artist collection, but we never expected this many amazing artists to join us on this journey. For some this was their NFT genesis. This collection encapsulates what it means to embrace your style, and not fear the unknown.

On top of having 21 guest 1:1s in the grumpl collection, we also ushered in 7 incredible 1:1 artists with their very first generative PFP collections. It’s an immense honor to share goblintown with them, and give them the space to create something that speaks deeply to who they are as artists.
"BIGiNC" Season 2

Introducing Big Inc's New NFT Collection in Goblintown!

In the realm of Goblintown, a fictional conglomerate called Big Inc has emerged, captivating NFT enthusiasts with its intriguing concept. These digital assets revolve around a storyline where Big Inc manipulates animals into becoming part of its workforce through brainwashing techniques. Each NFT showcases a profile picture (PFP) featuring stern-looking characters that embody the essence of this captivating narrative.

While the specific mint date and time for Goblintown Season 2 are yet to be announced by Big Inc, one noteworthy detail has surfaced. The collection aims to reward the top 1,000 worst traders, granting them a 24-hour window to mint the upcoming digital assets at no cost. This initiative stems from Goblintown Season 2's desire to celebrate the spirit of community and culture within the Web3 space, irrespective of market conditions, be it bullish or bearish.

Furthermore, holders of other NFT collections created by Truth Labs, including Goblintown, Grumpl, and Illuminati, will also enjoy exclusive access to the Big Inc minting event, completely free of charge. This collaborative approach reinforces the interconnectedness and support within the Truth Labs community, further enhancing the overall experience for NFT enthusiasts.

Minting Process: 
To ensure fairness and prioritize certain participants, Truth Labs, the creators of Goblintown, will assess wallet data and NFT transaction history. Traders who have experienced significant losses, known as "Down Bad Board" traders, will be given preferential access during the minting process.

In a strategic move for the second mint, Goblintown aims to leverage the growing popularity of the meme coin PEPE, which has witnessed an impressive 2,100% surge in price in just this month. With a market capitalization of approximately $500 million, PEPE's inclusion as a payment option is intended to enhance the token utility of Goblintown's NFTs.

Participants in the minting process can choose to pay 0.096 Ether (ETH) for one of the season 2 collectibles, which is roughly equivalent to $175 at the time of writing. However, for those who prefer to use PEPE for their purchase, they will receive a generous 50% discount, reducing the NFT price to 0.048 ETH (around $88).

BiG MiSTER was born the eldest of three children to a single mother a long, long time ago. Despite the challenges of poverty and ostracism the family faced, BiG MiSTER's mother instilled in them a strong work ethic and a determination to succeed. BiG MiSTER did his best to act as a father figure to his younger siblings, but after the tragic disappearance of his sister and the subsequent falling out with his irresponsible younger brother, BiG MiSTER decided it was time to focus on achieving his own life goals. He founded Big, Inc., and through diversification and aggressive hiring tactics, took the company from nothing to one of the world’s industry leaders in manufacturing of everything. He believes that with fierce dedication and a willingness to succeed, anyone can help him achieve his goals.
Big Inc.