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Goblintown is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that has become an unprecedented success since launching on May 19. Each NFT features a grotesque goblin, to be used as a profile picture on Twitter, Discord or Instagram, each with different attributes and accessories.

Goblintown’s name and site URL, which ends in .wtf, both embody what every NFT collector feels during a huge market drop: Anger, chaos, utter confusion, and pandemonium. In this respect, the name is a colloquial expression for bear markets, and the project could easily be seen as elaborate commentary on the state of NFTs — and NFT collectors — during the 2022 drop.

The purpose of the project is also rather surprising. Recently, several prominent NFT collectors have noted that, to be taken seriously, an NFT project must have meaningful utility. Goblintown’s creators….don’t care. 
From the start, the founders were upfront about the nature of this project. On the official website, the team outlined their plans in bold letters: “No roadmap. No Discord. No utility. CC0.” That last bit is especially worth paying attention to, as each Goblintown NFT is registered under a creative commons license, meaning buyers have free reign to do whatever they want with their goblin NFTs.

With its quickly rising floor prices, CC0 licensing agreements, and the amount of support it currently enjoys from the community, some observers believe this crass project holds massive potential. 

There is currently no published roadmap for Goblintown.
Truth Labs (the team behind the Illuminati Collective and The 187) revealed themselves as the creators of Goblintown in June 2022 after many months of speculation from fans and critics. 

Truth Labs is a web3 collective dedicated to sharing “delightful blockchain mischief exploring creativity, developing rich, fun worlds and experiences, and providing a platform for new voices and visions in the web3 space.”

Grumpls is a supplementary set of NFTs that complement the Goblintown collection. The Grumpls collection is shrouded in mystery, with only a brief, cryptic explanation provided. It is said that they are unique little creatures that remain present as long as they are well-nourished. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, sometimes indulging excessively and becoming unpredictable. There are five Grumpls that possess the coveted "speshul combo" feature.