Because the best way to hate a collective is to join it. If you’ve not 4channer spirit, don’t buy this shit.
Peters has stated that there is no roadmap BUT he has continually expanded and supported the ecosystem and it should be noted there is a trophy icon that, when clicked, tells us "coming soon".

During the first days of NFTNYC 2022, Bobby Kim, the founder of streetwear brand The Hundreds, devised a marketing stunt to publicize his Adam Bomb Squad NFT collection by orchestrating a public protest with the motto “God Hates NFTs”.
The staged protest became viral and very shortly after, a mysterious character under the pseudonym Sir Peters appeared on Twitter and launched an NFT collection called GodHatesNFTees.

The project, unrelated to Bobby Kim, piggybacked on the protests, utilized an art style inspired on the popular TV show Rick & Morty and embraced 4chan guerrilla tactics through memetics. Scarcity was used as an onboarding tactic, only allowing a handful of people at a time to the newly opened Discord.

Benzinga Article (https://www.benzinga.com/news/22/06/27788820/god-hates-nfts-vitalik-buterin-an-antichrist-the-bizarre-protest-outside-nft-nyc-venue)

Here's one holders account of the early days on the project (https://medium.com/@ftarnogol/god-hates-nfts-40dab258d5a)