A FKWME Pass grants initial access to the GORJS DAO—the world’s first beauty creator DAO—developed by the NYX Professional Makeup brand of L’Oreal USA, Inc. GORJS serves as an incubator for digital creators, inviting them to bring their own NFT projects to life with the GORJS community’s support. FKWME Pass sales will kick start the GORJS DAO treasury, which will fund artists in Season 1. Available on January 31, 2023 and February 1, 2023 during the allowlist and general sales, FKWME Passes serve as the first point of entry into GORJS to enable holders to be among the first to unlock exclusive perks, including the receipt of 400 initial GORJS tokens (only when minting the FKWME Pass on gorjs.io) and 4 tokens yielded daily to use for artist proposal voting, allowlist claiming, and reserving artist airdrops. Holders are entitled to 12+ airdrops over the lifespan of the GORJS DAO and will receive early access to participating artists’ projects. Stay GORJS!