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A collection of 4444 HawtHeadZz heating up the Ethereum Gas pipes! A no big promise project, Each HawtHeadZz is your ticket into Giveaways for IRL collectibles! Your HawtHeadZz Token number is your ticket!

After a Volume Traded Goal is reached on common marketplaces our token ($FLAME) will be developed, all on chain! Each HawtHeadZz will accumulate $FLAME DAILY! How much? (UNKNOWN)

The Aim for ''HawtHeadZz'' is to have 'everyone who holds a ''HawtHeadZz'' to receive something of ''IRL'' value. Each IRL item could be from a Pokémon card, Pokémon Base packs, Tamagotchi, ect.
These will also be available to WIN on the shop by entering the raffles

Are you easily angered? if so then you are a HawtHead!!
Each giveaway is randomly chosen by a random number generator, which ever number this chooses wins the prize, the HawtHeadZz token number is your main ticket. If a HawtHeadZz is listed below 0.05ETH up until mint out, this HawtHeadZz is no longer in the ticket numbers,

Also if your HawtHeadZz is in your HIDDEN folder of your wallet, This also means that the ''TOKEN' number of that HawtHeadZz is also unavailable to claim a prize! 

After MINT OUT your HawtHeadZz token numbers will be less relevant, but holding your HawtHeadZz Gains you ''$FLAME'' once the Shop and Token are LIVE! 

Funds Allocation
80% or more of mint funds will be back into the community Vault and into the development of the Shop and $FLAME token

Secondary sales
- Secondary sales are set to 7.7% 
- 5.5% goes to the Community wallet, 
- 2.2% goes to founders,