This project had great potential but after the art reveal experienced a mishap in the metadata for the first 1,000 that were minted, the project and its hype died. The majority of the first reveal all looked similar, with minor detail differences. People in the community also sniped gold monkeys and when the metadata changed - those also had changes.

The project made waves coming out of Nigeria with a strong female lead and was featured by NFT on IG (no longer operating), which brought a lot of outside attention. Original mint number was 4,200 but when the mint stopped after the metadata import issue, the supply was then cut to the amount of final tokens minted - 1,242

Here's a little info on the backstory of the project itself:
 What is Haze Monkey Society?

Haze Monkey Society is an NFT collection aimed at empowering NFT creators and artists by collaboratively building a no-code platform whilst encouraging climate consciousness and offsetting carbon footprint through tree planting.  Haze Monkey Society Brand/Art. Our name Haze Monkey takes heavy inspiration from the history of human evolution, our brand and story is equally intertwined with our core purpose of empowering creators. Haze depicts a source of inspiration for most artists and creatives, a psychoactive herb, whilst Monkey is inspired by existing and proven NFT collections, all familiar human-like creatures and cousins to the Apes.  With Haze Monkey NFTs, we aren’t attempting to reinvent the wheel on Non Fungible Token art, we are however leveraging tested and reliable art styles or schemes without blatant rip-offs of existing projects or creating art with similar IPs. 

Why Create Haze Monkey Society?

Having spent over years in tech building ecosystems and communities of developers, designers and Technical writers, our founder @Peace_Ojemeh got interested in web3 (NFT) communities and began learning about the space. Alongside her friend @alabobriggs_, she embarked on this journey in search of how they could add more value to the community and create a model that help creators solve problems they didn’t even know existed. They decided to collaborate with an industry peer to build a no-code platform for NFT creators, to enable easy set up of smart contracts and bypassing major technical difficulties so every interested artist could launch their own collection with reduced barrier to entry.

Why are we planting trees?

Our Planting of Trees is an integral part of the Haze Monkey Society Roadmap are influenced by two (2) major reasons:

1. With years of experience working with the UN on a number of initiatives, our founder @Peace_Ojemeh have grown accustomed to the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). We’ve learnt that one of the growing contributors to carbon emissions is the blockchain. Thousands of tons of energy is used up for every token mint and or transactions on the blockchain which creates a massive amount of carbon emissions and leaves an even larger carbon footprint. In line with the SDGs 3 (Good Health & Wellbeing) and 13 (Climate Action), we are planting trees to aid carbon capture and reduce the carbon footprint of our community members. 

2. Having experienced first hand the impacts of carbon emissions in their city, Port Harcourt, Nigeria one of the main oil-producing regions due to its way below average air quality often is attributed to the massive amounts of air pollution caused by illegal bunkering. This issue has affected the health of over 22,000 residents in more than half a decade and prompting the planting of trees to help reduce the carbon emitted by these illegal refining processes.  We’re planting 100 trees for every single mint, starting in Africa and spreading across several locations worldwide. 

NB: Our Haze Monkeys love trees and Haze do take the form of trees in the Hazron metaverse. 

Only #1 & 2 were reached, and not to the fullest potential.
Mint Date:  12th February 2022 by 7:20pm UTC PUBLIC / 11th  February 2022 by 7:20pm UTC PRESALE
Mint Price:  0.08 ETH public / 0.06 ETH presale
Reveal Date: 17th February 2022 by 9:20pm UTC