Alphi Genesis Collection Minting Soon

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The HV-MTL (Heavy Metal) collection is made up of 30,000 Mechs derived from 8 different Power Source types. Beginning March 15, 2023, eligible Sewer Passes can be burned to summon a Power Source that will reveal an Evo 1 Mech. Evo 1 holders can participate in future minigame sets with their Evo 1s to unlock additional HV-MTL evolution stages.

"HV-MTL (Heavy Metal) NFT TL:DR

  • Yuga Labs announces arrival of 30,000 HV-MTLs in the BAYC swamp
  • New phase titled “It Came Through the Rift” set to begin in April
  • Game release anticipated in May
  • HVs are dynamic NFTs that evolve based on owner’s decisions
  • Eight different HV-Types and numerous trait combinations
  • Owners participate in HV-MTL Forge to build and customize workshops
  • Forge gameplay involves discovering blueprints, gathering materials, and crafting upgrades
  • Leaderboards and special abilities can be unlocked through Forge progress
  • Future of each HV depends on owner’s choices and interactions in the universe

The HV-MTLs, described as curious machines from another world, are armed with an intriguing mix of weaponry and quirkiness, such as hotdog cannons. The narrative surrounding their sudden appearance is shrouded in mystery, as they have been undisturbed for centuries until their abrupt summoning. The enigmatic character, Gary, is convinced that a cosmic battle looms on the horizon and urgently needs every HV to evolve into its final form before it’s too late. However, it remains uncertain whether the HVs are friends or foes.

What do the HV-MTL Mecha Look like?
Mecha Rarity Breakdown

  • Glitch: 7749
  • Dynamic: 6999
  • Bio: 5999
  • Knight: 4999
  • Celestial: 2999
  • Reaver: 998
  • Holo: 248
  • Legendary: 1
These unique NFTs are designed to evolve based on the owner’s decisions, allowing for a highly personalized and interactive experience. With eight different HV-Types and a myriad of trait combinations, each HV boasts its own skills, personality, and roles. They are all engineered to transform, ensuring that no two HVs are the same.

To help guide their HVs through their evolution, owners are encouraged to participate in the HV-MTL Forge. In this immersive workshop, users can build and customize their own unique spaces to prepare their HVs for the challenges that lie ahead. By showing off their creations, they can climb the leaderboard and unlock special abilities that will further shape the destiny of their HVs."


The Heavy Metal (HV-MTL) collection, once known as the Sewer Pass series, featured an exciting skill-based mint competition called Dookey Dash. Players vied for higher rankings, which were subsequently linked to their Sewer Passes. Upon the conclusion of Dookey Dash, the HV-MTL collection was introduced, signifying a fresh phase for the participants.

Furthermore, the HV-MTL collection is set to undergo a series of transformations, evolving into three distinct stages: EVO-1, EVO-2, and EVO-3, offering an even more engaging experience for the players.