Indigo Child stands as a vibrant NFT collection featuring 7000 colourful characters on the Ethereum chain. Our vision? To transform a mere rug into riches, we've acquired Indigo and are determined to take it to the level it deserves. 

At the core of Indigo Child we value the journey toward self-improvement, shedding old habits, and embracing new, better ones. We're committed to fostering this ethos within our community. Through community building, sharing accountability, and connecting with individuals who share our vision, Together, we're creating a space where personal growth and positive change can thrive. 
  • PFP/GM Generator
  • Indigo Warriors (The great Burn)
  • Fitness and Health Platform. Coaching, Meal plans, Workout plans etc.
  • IRL Recreation centre to play sport. (Potential Rev share model)

Over a year ago, Indigo Child launched as a free mint, The previous founders intended to sell the first 500 for free and the next 6500 for 0.03 each. However, they messed up the mint functions, and they ended up giving away all NFTs for free. 

The founders, both skilled graphic designers, worked on the collection for a few months before losing hope in the NFT/web3 world, which ended up becoming a slow Rug… 

Recognising the project's potential, we, stepped in. Understanding the project's journey, we acquired the collection from the founders. 

Fast forward to today, we've relaunched with determination. Our mission? To transform this project from a mere rug pull into a prosperous success story, aiming to turn this 'rug' into riches.