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Invisible Friends are a collection of unique, cartoon-style animations featuring unseen characters, created by Markus Magnusson, a Swedish animator. The collection consists of 5,000 procedurally generated NFTs.

The collection was heavily promoted and built a loyal following of over 500,000 on Twitter and nearly 2,500 NFT holders.

The Invisible Friends mint price was 0.25 ETH beginning on February 23, 2022. All 5,000 Invisible Friends NFTs sold out that day, marking another successful mint at the height of the NFT bull market.

The Invisible Friends roadmap has several big updates planned for 2023: 
  • Kith Invisible Friends, a collaboration with the Kith clothing brand
  • OG Toys—physical Invisible Friends figurines
  • The release of Invisible 3D Friends with the help of artist Nguyen Nhut
  • The launch of the new Garbage Friends NFTs for existing holders
What sets IF apart
Invisible Friends stands out due to its collection of 5,000 unique animated characters, each possessing randomized traits such as clothing elements, accessories, and backgrounds. While some of these traits are more common, others are rarer, which makes certain NFTs within the collection more expensive and harder to acquire than others. Currently, artworks with common features trade for almost 3 ETH, while those with uncommon or rare traits can be traded for anywhere between 5 and 50 ETH.
Kith is one of the most renowned lifestyle brands in the world. We are beyond excited to partner with them for an ambitious effort to bridge the digital & physical.

Ronnie Fieg, CEO & Creative Director of Kith, worked with Markus Magnusson to design a collection of NFT collectibles known as Kith Friends. These Friends will debut looks from Kith’s upcoming Summer 2022 collections, along with edition pieces dressed in Kith for Invisible Friends product. The holders of these special NFTs will be given all of the physical products their Kith Friend is wearing.

Nine 1/1 Kith Friends will be put up for public auction. Each friend will be wearing a different look from Kith's Summer 2022 collections and are inspired by Kith's stores around the world. The winners of these auctions will be given all of the physical wardrobe connected to the friend.

Larger edition Kith Friends dressed in Kith for Invisible Friends product will be available to all Invisible Friend holders. Owners of these Kith Friends will be the only ones able to claim all of the exclusive products in the Kith for Invisible Friend capsule collection (projected February 2023).

Releasing in 3 different editions with varying color, product and size. Minters will have a choice which one they mint from our website.


Over time, the Kith Friend edition pieces will evolve and change to be wearing different clothes, shoes and accessories. The evolved friend will reveal the item or items that these holders gain early access to.

Holders of these edition pieces will get some first come first serve access to select Kith product launches.

For the first evolution, the Kith Friend edition pieces will evolve and change artwork to be wearing the Kith for BMW clothes and accessories. There will be no new sales of NFTs — just existing Kith Friends changing artwork into Kith for BMW Friends.

Kith Friends holders will get Early Access to the entire collection through a token-gated website on Monday, 10/3, at 10am EST for 48 hours. Holders will be prompted to connect their wallet, once connected the site will verify that the Kith Friend is in the wallet, and take them to the collection webpage

Kith Friend holders received early access to the full collection 4 days before public release.

We will also be launching two Kith for Invisible Friends hoodies for pre-order on Friday, May 20. The first colorway will be available to the public for pre-order from 11AM to 12PM EST on The second colorway will be exclusively available to all Invisible Friend holders for 24 hours starting at 12PM EST on (projected February 2023 delivery for both hoodies)