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Kryptoria is the #1 blockchain-powered strategy game, built in Unity. It’s the centerpiece of a sophisticated commercial ecosystem that connects brands, businesses and Web3 communities. All on-platform transactions are in Ellerium, the currency of Kryptoria. Take a look at If you're looking to reserve an upcoming Alpha Hero, please ensure any Alpha Citizen you purchase has not had the Hero already reserved. Hop into our discord for help. 
Kryptoria White Paper

Welcome To Kryptoria

Kryptoria is open to all who would seek enlightenment through Web3

Kryptic, 2045

Kryptoria is the #1 blockchain-powered strategy game, centerpiece of a sophisticated commercial ecosystem connecting brands, businesses, and Web3 communities.   
Inspired by sci-fi greats from Star Wars to Dune, and with gameplay modeled on the likes of Civilization and Age of Empires, Kryptoria is an immersive experience at the forefront of the global GameFi revolution. The story of Kryptoria starts with the Alpha Citizens, the united people of Web3 as they escape the control of Web2 Earth into a new land. Their upcoming evolution into the Alpha Heroes is the pinnacle of a new, decentralized civilization. 

Since launching on 19th August 2022, Kryptoria has set a new standard for roadmap ambition and execution in Web3. A far broader and more scalable project than most, Kryptoria is defined by a long-term commitment to building and the application of Web2 professionalism to Web3 opportunities. At its core, there are 4 elements to Kryptoria, each connected by Ellerium, the upcoming ERC-20 ecosystem token:

An immersive blockchain-powered strategy game, built on Ethereum
With a fully-explorable Unity world and ownership of all in-game assets denoted by dynamic NFTs, Beta went live in December ‘22 and has seen over 120,000 battles in the 3 months since. Build your empire, upgrade your NFTs, and earn tokens. Kryptoria: Beyond the Portal goes live H2 2023 and will further raise the standards for blockchain gaming.

A sophisticated commercial ecosystem connecting brands, businesses and Web3 communities
Built around the game and community, the commercial ecosystem is a vehicle for holders to access dealflow with brands and businesses as they bridge into Web3. Kryptoria has closed deals with multimillion-dollar Web2 brands, OG NFT projects, and celebrated artists. Value flows between parties in the form of NFT trait upgrades, irl benefits, and, soon, Ellerium. 

A Web3 community like no other
Engaged and evangelical, the Kryptoria community builds hand-in-hand with the team and is always rewarded for doing so. With a large and significant following, theirs is a much-heeded voice across the Web3 space.   

A new decentralized universe of IP
Inspired by sci-fi greats like Star Wars, Halo and more, the story of Kryptoria stretches through time and across worlds. From the shores of the Broken Sea to the gleaming towers of Exodus, the team and community continue to tell this tale, together. 
Gamers, storytellers, degens alike. No matter what tribe you’re from, there is something for you in Kryptoria. What we’ve built so far is just the beginning of the journey and we invite you to join us, today. Web3 gaming is at a crucial moment, as the space moves past the historic norms of rug pulls and non-doxxed teams. The coming months and years will see the blockchain-gaming model (giving true ownership of game assets to players) revolutionise the traditional gaming market, creating billions in value. Those with the conviction and expertise to build now enjoy first-mover advantage in this new, community-first world. 
Read on to learn more about the world of Kryptoria.     
See Videos on the website for the project lore.