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Lady Llamas are a collection of 3,000 wooly, super fashionable and kick-ass female Llamas. They're lovely, laid-back and the next step in the evolution of the LBL ecosystem. 

Total Collection Supply: 3000
12 Legendary Lady Llamas honoring heroic women in history
Each Lady Llama is unique: with different wool colors, textures, outfits, accessories, hair styles, expressions and more.
Artwork by the talented team of Sameer Baloch, Rahul Muraleedharan & Anandhu Chandran. 
Completed Roadmap:
  • 100 Boss Llamas Genesis Collection - Sold Out  
  • 10 ETH Given Back to Boss Llamas Holders so far through Boss Llama Pay Day
  • Boss Llama Airdrops: Laid Back Llama, Lady Llama & Boss Llama Sandbox Voxel
  • $15,000 US + Donations to The Llama Sanctuary  
  • 12 SandBox Lots Acquired (9/12 Connected)  
  • 7000 Laid Back Llamas - Sold Out in 2 Minutes  
  • LLAMA LAND SandBox Metaverse Release (RPG Game / 2x2 / 4 Plots of Land)
  • LLAMA FEST X NFTNYC In Partnership with Quiznos / Ledger / Token Proof
  • GRA$$ Reward System - Over $200,000 US in prizes & rewards given to holders
  • Lady Llamas - Phase 1 Sold Out (1000 Ladies)  
  • LBL Xmas Mint - 2 ETH Raised for the LBL Scholarship Fund

Roadmap in progress:
- Virtual Barn 
- Staking (Soft Staking)  
- Subdomains .lbl .laidbackllamas .ladyllamas available for all holders 
- LBL merch store / exclusive items for LBL Holders 
- Children's Book Series
- earn royalties if your llama is cast 
-  Little Llamas: Third LBL collection to round out the eco-system
Lady Llamas are the third collection from the Laid Back Llamas, with 100 Boss Llamas and 7000 Laid back llamas also in the ecosystem. Devised and created by the NFT Agency and Sameer Baloch