Welcome to the wonderful adventures of Llama Land.

Filled with 8,100 Boss, Lady & Laid Back Llamas.

Deep in the digital mountains of the Metaverse lies a herd of 7,000 exceptional llamas. They represent confidence, tranquility, and different personalities that boast style with every stride. These fresh-looking llamas have been exploring the rolling hills of the digital landscape in search of good vibes and good vibes only. They got the swag, the funk, the jazz, with each llama more laid back than the next. This exquisite herd only breeds the finest of llamas with the fluffiest fur and the sickest drip!  Every llama is unique, with different fur colors, hairstyles, laid-back expressions, clothes, hats, shades, and more. These are the Laid Back Llamas.

Years ago, this herd lost 100 llamas to something they couldn’t understand - ambition. There was something different about these  ambitious llamas - something assertive and commanding. They walked with a purpose, like they’ve seen it all - like they’ve been places. They left the herd with dreams of success and becoming more than just a chillaxed llama. These llamas went on to do brilliant things. Some became famous llama movie actors or joined the llama space program. A few joined underground graffiti clubs and produced some of the greatest art from llamas this world has ever seen. Others ventured off looking for a new family - a new life. These are the Boss Llamas.
Laid Back Llama Benefits
7,000 provably-rare Laid Back Llamas
Each holder given ownership and commercial usage rights of their NFT(s)
Endorsement opportunities with brands for LBL holders
NFT Airdrops for random LBL holders
Whitelist opportunities into popular projects from our partners
Holders will receive royalties for their Llama casted in LBL TV series
Boss Llama Benefits
100 Generation 1 Boss Llamas
1 of 1 / Ultra-rare
Boss Llama holders air-dropped 1 Laid Back Llama (during public mint)
VIP Access to Llama Land Festival
Exclusive merchandise only for Boss holders
Whitelist guarantee for future LBL projects
Surprise LBL branded NFT airdrops to Boss Llama holders
Monthly Boss Llama board meetings w/ LBL team
Boss Llama Holders will receive 2x royalties if casted in LBL TV series