Liberty Square Art

Made up of 9,981 pieces Liberty Square: It is not just a PFP project. Lead by Brian Schechter, who is the former manager of the band My Chemical Romance and has been involved in the making of the Netflix original The Umbrella Academy. This project has the potential to be a disruptive brand and community.
Chapter One
Chapter I: The End of The Beginning 
Liberty Square, 2022 

It wasn’t always this way. 
This used to be a place you could bring your kids to play on the swings. A place where Pops would come to feed the pigeons while young lovers etched their names into trees, imagining their future together. 
Not anymore. It’s been nearly two decades since The Plague Wars destroyed all hope. 
The Degeneratz are a toxic disease; swarming every cobblestone path – infecting every square inch of the place with their black-market ideals. They choke the beauty and life from it. These days Liberty Square simply smells of piss & decay – littered with strung-out junkies, empty shell casings, and blood-stained alleyways. 
The always corrupt Fat Cat Society turns a blind eye. They could have fixed it – this disdain between The Sinister Squirrel Syndicate & The Degeneratz – were they not so busy lining their filth stained pockets. 
It’s too far gone now, there is no turning back. No “how things used to be”. They will all pay for what has happened. 
The Sinister Squirrel Syndicate – an elite organization of mercenaries with an instinctual hatred for rats – has taken the law into their own hands and will stop at nothing to accomplish their mission: 
Reclaim Liberty Square by any means necessary before it is lost forever. 
Make no mistake… This is War!