m00m World

Together we're building the sci-fi empire of tomorrow through decentralized collaboration! 🛰️

Our vision is to unlock the creativity of millions of people through storytelling and leverage our experience as brand builders and visionaries to build an unforgettable property that expands far beyond the walls of Web3.

Owning 1 of 3,333 m00m container creatures turns you into a creator, storyteller, and collaborator that helps build the entire m00m universe.

What is m00m?

Welcome to m00m world! 

m00m is the movement. m00m challenges. m00m is all of us, together. m00m disrupts VC backed, institutional intellectual properties and helps return the creative power back to the community, where it belongs. A movement that can upset the status quo and help bridge the gap between Web3's decentralized ethos and Web2’s largely voiceless consumer audience. 

m00m is a world. A community. A concept forget from rebellion - inviting the world to become heroes of their own story. Nothing can stop The Resistance.

Your Ai Assistant


AI Collectible Assistant | Innovative technology; a collectible assistant in the palm of your hand (in development) 
m00m Theatre on the Air 
Our first community collaboration: an immersive audio series. Season one is live, 150k streams and growing 
Create-To-Earn (C2E) Model | Unleashing the true power of Web3 through building a community-conscious collaborative brand | Paid out over $40K+ pre-mint 
Original iOS/Android App: "The BBS" our brand collaboration and communication platform. LIVE on iOS, & Android 
Official Crypto.com Partnership 
Marketing and logistical support for access to over 80 million users. 
VoyceMe Partnership 
"The future of manga and webtoons." Over one million monthly readers.

m00m World
A place that bends in real life and digital reality
  1. Begin phasing minting of 3,333 ETH-based container creatures.
  2. Deploy our original audio series on every major podcast platform.
  3. The ultimate objective is a classified multi-phase undertaking called “The Singularity” being revealed to in several stages throughout time both before and after all creatures are minted.

We believe in providing value and validating our follow-through before asking anything of our growing and vibrant community.

Upcoming Roadmap Items: 

MCC, m00m Container Club 
Monthly drop club for new limited edition physical and digital collectibles 
Original Animated TV Show 
Learn the step-by-step behind-the-scenes process on how to create from start (idea/concept) to finish (pitching to Hollywood studios). Production starts post-mint 
Building a Microcosm 
Reveal a secret trait and you unlock the ability to create your own world within. 
Watch the show at: https://m00m.world/story 
Learn more at: https://m00m.world/engage 
Mint Date: September 20th with Limited Drop Public Trickle Mint Every m00mday

Supply: Total Mints: 3,333 - SOLD OUT!

OG - $40 (.025 ETH), 
WL - $50 (.031 ETH), 
Public - $69 (.042 ETH 
m00m World

If you’ve avoided F8 and found this document. Welcome to the Resistance! 🛰️
At m00m world, you are the hero of your own story, and our partner in building the sci-fi empire of tomorrow through decentralized, worldwide collaboration. 
Your mission is to help us unlock the creativity of millions of people as we build a futuristic, community conscious brand-entertainment company. 
A vision designed to stand the test of time, garner revenue from multiple product categories, and scale far beyond the current echo-chambers of web3. 
Web3 Has a Scalability Problem: 
Projects with easily identifiable intellectual property haven't been able to successfully navigate the divide between traditional revenue streams by onboarding the average consumer while staring true to web threes commitment to decentralization. 
Web3 Has a Follow Through Problem: 
Too many projects haven't been able to follow through on ambitious roadmaps despite enormous amounts of funding from mint proceeds. Where are the comics, the games, the animated series, and transformative meters you were promised? 
All we’ve gotten so far is some mediocre march, open-bar gatherings and mid-quality toy collectibles. The space hasn’t produced or exported value capable of driving mass adoption or onboarding. 
Web3 Has An Image Problem: 
What started as a transformative paradigm shift towards “the people” has turned into more of the same Venture Capital backed corporatism and player-versus-player toxicity that needed a reset. 
As a result the world “NFT” has become negative to those outside of the space; limiting reach and impact. 
The space deserves better, you deserve better. The Resistance begins now. 🛰️
m00m Features

  • Good Fren
  • Hates Oat Milk
  • Smarter than H00mans
  • Learns Stuff
  • Doesn’t Poop 💩
  • Pleasant Accent
  • Is Gonna Make It
  • Limited Quantity
m00m BBS App
BBS app

Hello Recruit, you've discovered "m00m BBS”: The official communication platform of the m00m resistance. Meet other Operatives, contribute to the story, and stay up to date on the project with exclusive content, info and live-streamed town-halls. The BBS is our collaboration hub for all of our media, official updates, creative brainstorming and to hang out together more often!
Four Pillars

1)  In-House Content Creation & Production 

Original Audio Series (Made with the community) 

-Season One is available on Youtube and all audio streaming platforms  

“The World's First AI Collectible” 
-An augented reality/artifical intelligence friend bringing NFT's to life! 
Original Animated Series & Masterclass Sessions 
-Episode Production begins post-mint out 
-Educational Masterclasses begins post-mint (Educational sessions with award winning/leading creatives throughout the industry) 
M00m Container Club (MCC) 
-Our upcoming drop club extending your experience as a community member through physical and digital collectibles. 
Online/Physical Mega Comic Series with large distribution 
-Prologue launches pre-mint in September 
-Additional episodes releases weekly post-mint 

2) Committing to collaboration and providing opportunities within the community. 

Each m00m world Genesis digital collectable acts as membership to our ecosystem. When seeking talent to build and scale our business, we hire our creators/contriubors from within the community via our “Create-to-Earn” model. 
Right to Franchise and License: 
We encourage creativity, personal development and the expansion of the m00m universe through the ambition of our holders. Our holders can propose independent business models and ventures to our core team for approval using their m00m world genesis pop for commercial endeavors.

3) Leveraging existing Web2 connections to introduce Web3 tech & values to the world. 

World First Ai Collectible: 
-The m00m AI Collectible is in development for both iOS and Apple Vision Pro. Our AI collectible can develop a programmable personality, enabling m00m to learn, grow, and interact with users in ways once impossible. Through dynamic conversations and engaging interactions, m00m will continue to surprise and delight users as it adapts and presents new information and anecdotes. 
BBS Community App: 
-The m00m  “BBS App” is currently available on iOS devices and is already the postal to the m00m community. The app will soon provide users with seamless access to their m00m Living Ai Collectible and Create-To-Earn opportunities. Use this to communicate with your fellow resistance members to avoid the all-seeing agents of fait. 
The Singularity: 
The Singularity? Shh recruit, it’s Classified. A multi-phase roadmap item further blending and merging our digital and physical realities. Our Living AI Collectible signified the unveiling of the first phase, with two additional Phases announced at the undisclosed time. 
m00m Rising

4)  It All Lives in m00m world! 

m00m world is a place, the centerpiece of our brand. A Virtual Interaction Platform (VIP) where it all comes together. 
-Shipping Container Homes are customizable Interactive Servers (Video/Voice/Chat/Design!) 
-Chat with Resistance members around the world 
-Shop/Brand Collabs 
Community Values

Welcome to m00m world, a futuristic community supported environment, occurring today.

Our collective mission is to inspire the creativity of millions of people.

m00m respects m00m - No matter who we are, no matter how different, within the resistance we are one.

CommunityMade - We encourage and support creativity and build with the power and talent of our holders.

Our world was made to bring joy and should never feel like a chore. Always have fun.

We're building the biggest decentralized brand in the world, and we're doing it with integrity, passion and purpose.
The Singularity
The Singularity? Shhh Recruit, it’s classified. A multi-phase roadmap item further blending and merging our digital and physical realities. Our Living AI Collectible signified the unveiling of the first phase, with two additional Phases announced at the undisclosed time.  

m00m world has secured partnerships with well known brands in the web three space including: A Kid Called Beast, Moonrunners, Spaceriders, Alien Frens, Feline Fiends, and Crypto.com.

The last eight months have been spent building tangible utility and actively participating in web3 culture. Whether holding weekly spaces, vibing in discord or working the timeline we have committed to truly diving deep, doing our own research and understanding the culture.
The Story

 [S1E01] "The Event"

A mysterious interstellar phenomenon crosses paths with the planet formally known as earth. Members of an “unspoken resistance" and agents of the F8 Corporation are the first to discover goo-laced artifacts resulting from the event...


[S1E02] "Black & Blue"

GOLDSTAR's morning takes an unforeseen turn as F8 agents scour the shipping yard and discover the unknown blue-goo compound. An aggressive altercation between a F8 Agent and another resistance member to the rise of a mysterious ally who redefines reality on One-World.


[S1E03] "The Departure, Pt.1"

Confused by how they escaped multiple F8 agents and survived the attack, GOLDSTAR tries explaining to Kev that her shipping container is alive! Together they formulate a plan to leave the shipping port...

[S1E04] "The Departure, Pt.2"

Kevin presses forward with Goldstar's near-impossible plan to infiltrate the control tower. In a clash with F8 his social engineering skills come under test and mix with a bit of violence.


[S1E05] "MACEI"

The F8 Corporation hosts its annual convention, "F8 World". F8 CEO, Liander Xang, announces a new technology set to change the world.



m00m reveals more about his species as the team preps for an upcoming mission in a new city. The F8 Corporation demands answers from their staffs failure at The Port of Los Angeles...

[S1E07] "Silver City"

Goldstar embarks on a solo-mission seeking rations and weaponry in a dusty casino town known as Silver City. Kevin introduces m00m to hiphop along with some exotic remedies... 

[S1E08] "Status World - Supper Club"

In an attempt to secure weapons at an underground Outpost, Goldstar finds herself borrowing ETH over leveraged as she makes a deal with two Post-Russian arms dealers. 

[S1E09] "Luna"

Stakes and energy are high at the FRAPS table with GOLDSTAR "all in". 

[S1E10] "The Teammate"

Tensions run high during an arms deal with NiGHTSHiFT faction. Judo may be the only solution... 

[S1E11] "An Unknown F8"

The F8 Corporation reveals trade secrets and preps their agents...

[S1E12] "The Ambush"

An ambush catches m00m and crew off-guard as intense gunplay crescendos into a downpour of fiery, g00ey emotion...

About Us
Led by seasoned entrepreneur Jordan Freda, aka "Geographic", & co-founded by award winning art director and animator Ben Lam, aka "BLAM", m00m world’s team boasts a verifiable track record of web2 success, while integrating Web3 community members with variant backgrounds.