Meme Lab is a collection for The Memes by 6529 artists to run whatever experiments they like. Similar to how Art Blocks Playground was.

Like The Memes, the Meme Lab is CC0. Β  Other than that, there are no real rules.

Edition sizes can be tiny or huge.
Prices can be low or high
Distribution plan and allowlists are up to the artist

6529 Hypothesis on Success at Meme Labs
1.) I would like to encourage "risky" and "experimental work"

It might safer for an artist to try here vs in their core SR collection for example.Β  It is a "lab" after all.

2.) The second area I think has potential is 'vertical' ecoystems by artists.

If their card hints at a universe, the Meme Lab could be the place to populate that universe, grow it, show where it could go.

3.) The third area that I think has potential are cool collaborations among Meme Card artists.

Every week another 3 great artists join the family.

I am sure there are unexplored artistic spaces at the intersection of their skills.

What does 6529 think will not work?

A random follow-on 'gift' card for their Meme Card collectors.

This generally does not work, unless there is a some twist to it.