mfers is an artist created project by ‘Sartoshi’ with a focus on art and meme culture. The project was launched on November 30, 2021 with no promises other than being a platform for creatives to build on. Since then this 10,000 collection pfp project has turned into a hub for mfers who are building new art, technology, and all kinds of mfery.

“what if we all have that motherfucker inside of us? we’re all degens in our own way, sitting at a computer and navigating a new world..artists, collectors, investors, gamers, teachers, whatever. what if an nft collection could capture that feeling so anyone could be their mfer inside? this is what inspired the mfers collection."

There is two types of people in the world:
1. People who understand mfers
2. People who will understand mfers
“you can state a roadmap that says where you will go, but you can also plant seeds and see where they grow” -- the seeds are all around now, and we will see where they grow. it’s very early. this philosophy explains many of my responses to comments i get all the time:

  • “sartoshi you need an official discord” - no, we don’t; mfers built one for mfers
  • “sartoshi you need to be in the discord as the leader” - no, i don’t…mfers are leading their own ways (but im happy to get the word out about many mfer creations and ideas)
  • “sartoshi you need a roadmap” - no, mfers are paving their own roads
  • “sartoshi you should do paid promos” - no, mfers move organically
  • “sartoshi you need to send free mfers to this influencer or that celebrity” - no, those mfers are mfers just like us, mfer
  • “sartoshi we need to get more people to change their pfp to mfers” - no, people will do it if they feel like it
  • “sartoshi nobody should sell mfers below a certain price” - no, mfers do what they want…we all mfers and they still mfers
  • “sartoshi what’s the utility?” - mfers are the utility mfer…it’s like a cryptopunk but you can build whatever you want with it
  • “sartoshi will the floor go up?” - idk mfer
  • “sartoshi my kid can draw that u suck i hate nfts i hate u too” - lol cheers mfer

in conclusion we all mfers love u mfers & gm mfers we just getting started

What have Mfers built