Our Plan:

We create franchises loved by everyone.

No need to wait for a distributor.

We're putting the influence into the hands of the fans that make it successful from the start.

We see web3 as a NEW way for creators and communities to tell stories together.Our Plan

Board of Advisors
advisors include:

 Pixar, Co-Founders
 Netflix, VP of Film Animation
 Twitch, Co-Founder
 Zynga, COO
 Tribeca, Chairman

As well as countless others...
Momoguro the newest franchise from 9x Emmy-winning @Baobabstudios

THE leading interactive animation studio.

Our mission is to inspire YOU to dream & bring out your sense of wonder.

To have YOU impact the story & form relationships w/ the characters & story.
Our investors include:

 Shanghai Media Group

As well as other individuals and companies who believe in our vision.
Our Team
Maureen Fan, CEO
• Prev: VP of Games @ Zynga
• Responsible for 33% of their revenue

Eric Darnell, CCO
• Prev: Director @ Dreamworks
• 4th highest-grossing animator

Larry Cutler, CTO
• Prev: Technical Director @ Pixar
• Oscars Judge

@NicoCasavecchia, Co-creator
- Award-winning director, screenwriter, and illustrator. 
- Nico holds the World Record for the Smallest Stop-Motion Film w/ IBM scientists, using Carbon Monoxide molecules.

@MartinAllais, Co-creator
- Award-winning all-around visual artist, illustrator, animator, and director
- Martin has directed commercials for prestigious brands including Oreo, Facebook, Samsung
Our games team has led some of the most influential games of the past 20 years, including:

- Magic the Gathering
- Minecraft
- Pokemon
- The Sims
- League of Legends
- Dungeons and Dragons
- Star Wars

and HUNDREDS of other game titles...
IP Development
Our IPs are built with a long-term vision in mind.

 We struck a first-fook feature film deal with Fox/Disney for ALL of our IP to be adapted into feature films. (Ex: Baba Yaga, our Emmy-winning VR game is being adapted into “THE WITCHVERSE" on Disney+.)

The Momoguro IP is bigger than just the digital collectible, We will have global distribution. In parallel, we’ve been developing a metaverse game (@MomoMetaverse) for a top gaming platform, a TV show, and collectibles.


Yes, plural. Already built and in beta.

A story-driven strategy RPG token gated by owning a @holoself

And @MomoMetaverse, an open-world universe, revealing soon.